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by Coach & Mentor Keya Murthy

November 24, 2021
Chemistry Between Two People Depends On These 5 Traits

What are the traits to know the chemistry between two people? After being with someone for a while, you might start to wonder if you have that fabled romantic chemistry. There is no exact science as to what causes chemistry between two people (in spite of the fact that it has the word “chemistry” in...

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November 11, 2021
Are you being guilt tripped? 10 tell-tale Signs

Are you being guilt tripped? 10 tell-tale signs Guilt-tripping in relationships is quite common. In certain cultures and religious settings, it's used to get people to behave a certain way. Trying to make someone who cares about you feel bad is an old trick used to manipulate behavior and belief systems. 10 Signs of guilt-tripping...

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November 5, 2021
How to deal with a flirty boyfriend & address his behavior

How to handle a flirty boyfriend according to Coach Keya and other mental health practitioners. “What’s flirty to one may not be flirty to another,” says Keya Murthy, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Life Coach. “But if all your girlfriends and sisters agree that your boyfriend is flirty then you need to have a serious...

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October 23, 2021
5 Ways How Sex Workers Help with Emotional Wellness

How Sex Workers Help with Emotional Wellness To find out how sex workers help emotionally more than anything read on. Here’s the truth: Sex workers are the oldest professionals on the planet. Scientists taught capuchin monkeys the concept of money. Very soon a monkey realized that if she could not get money from the scientist...

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October 6, 2021
How to Use a Mirror to Meditate and Learn About Yourself

How to Use a Mirror to Meditate and Learn About Yourself Have you ever heard the saying, "the eyes are the window to the soul?" You could call mirror gazing meditation a kind of soul gazing of the inner self. Have you ever heard the saying, "the eyes are the window to the soul?" You could...

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July 24, 2021
Stop Feeling Overwhelmed All the Time - 10 Ways Out

As an Ayurvedic counselor, I know the way to stop feeling overwhelmed all the time is by balancing the water element. Being an empath myself, feeling overwhelmed used to be a natural state of existence for me, it still is, to a great extent. I have learned to manage though and that is what I...

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July 12, 2021
How Meditation Paves the Way for Forgiveness & Letting Go — and 3 Ways to Get Started

What does it mean to forgive and forget? Is it even possible to do? Whether the focus is on yourself, another person, or a situation, meditation for forgiveness may be what you need in order to truly let go. Meditation for forgiveness is an active lifestyle But, how does it work? How often should you practice forgiveness? I...

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June 8, 2021
What To Do After Covid Vaccine - 3 do-not-miss Yogi Ways + Cheat-sheet to Stop Any Overwhelm

What to do after covid vaccine? Are you curious? Here's a Yogi's way on how to make your day easier during and after you take the covid vaccine? What to do after Covid Vaccine - The Yogi Way With all the stories flying around about the vaccine, I thought it's important I share my perspective...

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June 8, 2021
Life Post Lockdown - 3 Effortless Ways To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Life post lockdown will take its own sweet time for creating a new normal. How do you do that? It's different for introverts and extroverts. Let's explore further. Did you know that an extrovert has an inner introvert and an introvert has an inner extrovert? Are You Curious Why Things Feel Like a Drag During...

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March 24, 2021
7 Traditional Ayurvedic Practices To Get You Through The Winter

Here you will learn of ayurvedic practices that help you through the winter and when you feel under the weather. Coach Keya shares lifelong practices that she grew up with and still practices today.   With shorter days, longer nights, weaker sunlight, and drier winds from the Poles, the human body has to endure a...

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