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Hello & Welcome, 🫶

💞If you are in a serious crisis and know you need help "yesterday" or now, then an emergency intensive is the right solution for you. Book your emergency intensive here now. If none of the available times work for you then book your first two hours and fill out the form below. I will call you to make time for you. Since you are in an emergency I will make time for you, that's my promise!✨

💞If you have been struggling for a while and are seeking transformation work, and want to know whether working with me is a proper fit for your loved one or you, I look forward to hearing from you.✨

💞Fill out the form below with as much information as possible.✨

If I feel I need more information to make the decision, I will send you a link to fill up more information. If you feel you are serious about working with me, then skip the form below and go ahead and apply for that interview here. There is no cost to apply.✨

💞After I review your application and if I feel I can help you with your situation I will write back to you with a link to book a strategy session with me.✨

💞The cost for the strategy session is $197 and it is an hour long. If you and I feel we could create a working relationship at the end of the session, then the $197 will go toward the first session of the program you will sign up for.✨

💞I look forward to hearing from you.✨

Until then, be well!🌻
Love + Peace + Blessings,
🙏Keya Murthy M.S., C.Ht.
Coach, Hypnotherapist & Healer 🌻

Some cases may require a referral from your doctor or psychiatrist.

P.S.: If you are using this form to sell me your services, please don't!


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