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Client Testimonials for Spiritual Life Coach Keya

Client Testimonials | Spiritual Life Coach Keya Murthy 

Want to learn more about working with Coach Keya? These client testimonials will give you insight into what could be possible for you.

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Client Testimonials from a few clients

"Keya’s healing and teachings have empowered me. I feel stronger and happier each day." -Nomi

This is client testimonials and more:

Ventura Healing Center selected for 2016 Ventura Small Business Excellence Award

Ventura, CA - February 09, 2017 — Ventura Healing Center has been selected for the
2016 Ventura Small Business Excellence Award in the Life Coach classification by the Ventura
Small Business Excellence Award Program.
Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each
category. The 2016 Ventura Small Business Excellence Award Program focuses on quality, not
quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Ventura
Small Business Excellence Award Program and data provided by third parties.
About the Ventura Small Business Excellence Awards Program
The Ventura Small Business Excellence Awards recognizes outstanding small businesses that
serve the Ventura area. Each year, our selection committee identifies businesses that we believe
have achieved outstanding marketing success in their local community and business classification.
Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and
implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value. These are small
businesses that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers
and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Ventura area a vibrant and vital
place to live.

2016 Best Life Coach in Ventura

The Ventura Small Business Excellence Awards was established to reward the best of small businesses in Ventura. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations, and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to award the small business community’s contributions to the U.S. economy.

Ventura Small Business Excellence Award Program
Ventura Small Business Excellence Award Program
Email: [email protected]

Client testimonials

"When I first reached out to Coach Keya, I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed. I had been struggling to manage my anxiety, a new career, and a challenging family situation. I’m glad I did because Coach Keya has given me both spiritual and practical guidance that has changed my life for the better.

From our very first session, it was clear how insightful and warm Coach Keya is. Our conversations were comfortable and natural, which made it easy to open up about anything. No matter how long we speak or what we talk about, each conversation leaves me feeling lighter and ready to face life’s challenges head on.

Keya provides insight into my goals with clarity and grace. She is able to provide the perfect blend of spiritual guidance while also providing real-life advice that can be implemented right away. She has helped me identify the beliefs that no longer serve me while also helping me create an action plan that has enabled me to make real progress towards achieving my goals.
Keya is always a bright spot in my week—she makes sure of it! Her sincere interest in helping others grow is evident in everything she does. I’ve always felt heard and understood. She has a way of getting right to the core of an issue, helping me understand where I may have become stuck or off-track in my journey. Her insight always helps me become more aware of myself and my surroundings so that I can make changes that are good for my well-being.

If you are looking for a coach who can provide spiritual guidance as well as practical advice that will help you reach your goals, then look no further—Keya is the coach for you! Her expertise, positive energy, and caring nature have enabled me to gain clarity on who I am and where my life is headed. If you’re looking for a coach who will truly care about your success, then don’t hesitate to reach out to her."

- Liz Beall, California, 12/14/2022

"I have always believed that therapy can make you feel better but with Keya, it's something completely extraordinary, she transforms lives! I have had a few sessions with her and am so grateful for this. She is so intuitive, kind, and invested in making you realize your true self. I look forward to our sessions every week and each time I feel more of mental /emotional rust is removed for your magnificent self to shine through!"
- Dr. Anagha Suresh, Pediatrician, Camarillo, CA11/15/2022

"I have had a few sessions with Coach Keya and I am so grateful for each session. She picks up on your concerns so quickly and addresses them in such a focused and digestible manner. I have processed such deep-rooted roadblocks already. I leave every session impressed with the way I am able to flag and apply her teachings in situations that would typically overwhelm me. I am excited to see what lies ahead."
- Sarah E., Studio City, CA, 04/222/2022

" Keya is the best at helping people achieve inner peace and connect to the best of what is inside of each of us. Two days ago I was experiencing significant stress that was unusual for me as I am a psychologist who has an enormous amount of mental tools to address most of the challenges that I need to confront. However, what was happening two days ago was not responding to what I had in my arsenal, and luckily Keya had reached out to wish me a happy birthday. Once I explained what was going on, she immediately said she would help me recenter, and my outcome was guaranteed. Of course, that reduced my internal stress by about 50%. However, because the outcome was still not achieved several hours later, my stress level went back to about 70%. I reached back out to her, and she told me she would "sit with it and figure out what was going on." About 10 minutes later, an absolute calm came over me, and I felt a physical release, and the solution to my problem gained momentum with individuals in different countries working synergistically toward one goal - my outcome. Several hours later, everything was resolved."

- -Dr. Rose. Johnson, Clinical Psychologist, Kingston, Jamaica 05/04/2022

"I found Keya a few months ago when I hit rock bottom depression. In just a few short months she has changed my life for the positive. It is still a work-in-progress and I have no doubt she will help me overcome it. After so many years of depression, I am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel Thanks to Keya. I don't know where I would be now without her professional and spiritual guidance. I am forever grateful to her. I highly recommend Coach Keya." -
- Belia V. 1/25/2022

"Keya has truly been a blessing to work with. I was feeling disconnected with the world and once I started working with Keya everything seemed to have shifted in the most positive light, even after just one session. Definitely recommend seeing Keya she's amazing and knowledgeable in so many ways."
- Leanna B.

 "Coach Keya is by far the best coach in healing your past and present and preparing you for your future.

Keya helped me understand why stuff happened and help me become a better person for my own good. She not only walks you through each situation but helps you understand why it happened and how to deal with it or move on. Keya helped me with my relationships.

Please don't hesitate to go with Keya. Keya is straightforward and tells you what you need to hear for your own good.  I am blessed to have found her and will be always grateful for her."
Ceci C.

"Nothing about life is simple right now, and I believe we should always feel ok to ask for guidance and healing! Keya is amazing! She is transparent (even when you may prefer she wasn't, ha), to the point, gets to the root (quickly), yet has a way about her that is calming and extremely supportive. She utilizes activities, poignant questions, hypnosis, breathing, and weekly activities to guide you and assist in understanding yourself, and she will keep you accountable! This holistic approach with a variety of techniques is so different than traditional coaching and I love it! She also utilizes your birth chart. I have already recommended her to a friend and if you are reading this do not hesitate any further and contact her. I've only had a few sessions and feel stronger, healthier, and more alive than I have in some time. I wish that for everyone!"

"Coach Keya is a great facilitator to open the pathway to clear emotional and mental baggage. She has vested interests in guiding you to be whole again."
Danny L

"Coach Keya is one of a kind. She truly has made such an impact on my life in just a couple of months. She has such pure intentions and is such a beautiful honest soul. I couldn't recommend her more highly. Thank you, Keya for opening yourself up and sharing your energy, love, and light with others."
"I have been seeing Coach Keya for 2 visits and each visit has been removing layers of pain, releasing stuck energy. I truly appreciate our work and all I am learning. I am glad things are changing!"
- Lisa Garlough
"Keya is a gift. I am so grateful for her in my life and I treasure the moments I have with her to work on strategies for growth. She won’t sugar coat anything and we all need people like that in our life! She has helped me so much and I can’t thank her enough! Since seeing her I feel like I am healing, staying present and mindful, defining my goals, and mapping out how to get there. Making that first appointment to see Keya was a life-changing decision!" - Renee Liska

"I am growing emotionally and mentally by leaps and bounds since I began seeing coach Keya. If you want to break through the walls that may be holding you down, Keya Murthy is the person you want to see." - Brett Hilton

"This has been a particularly challenging year. In January I had a botched throat surgery by a local doctor, causing me to be hospitalized with pneumonia and fed through feeding tubes for 3 months.

In May I had a successful surgery at UCLA, to fix my original problem. But there was still the threat that a third surgery would be necessary because of the throat trauma caused by the first surgery.

I was dealing with a bad chronic cough, weakness, and loss of income because it was difficult for me to work. I was at a very low point and did not want to go on any meds. I needed help.

On August 7, I emailed a therapist friend in LA saying, What I really need is a magical spiritual physical healer!!! Know of one???”

She replied back, Have you Googled spiritual healers near you? I’d definitely try ... you might connect with someone magical. I believe in that so much.” 

I found Keya on Google, phoned her the next day and scheduled my first appointment for August 13, in her cozy and comfortable office, just 18 minutes from my home.

Keya Murthy is magical for sure!

In less than a month, Keya has not only fixed my throat problem (UCLA dismissed me this week as cured and not needing further surgery!) but she has also fixed life issues that I have unsuccessfully dealt with for decades.

I am sleeping well for the first time since I was a kid. Keya has broken my patterns of worry and perfectionism.

Going to Keya is like “one-stop-shopping!” Keya heals mind, body, and soul in very practical ways. I am a portrait artist and she has helped me with my painting work habits, time management, business promotion, and prosperity.

As far as health goes, Keya has recommended and helped me with herbal supplements, chanting, affirmations, yoga, and of course her wonderful hands-on healing treatments.

Keya is a brilliant consummate teacher. She explains things in detail and writes them on her dry erase board. I have taken copious notes during our sessions, which I continue to read and learn from.

Keya’s healing and teachings have empowered me. I feel stronger and happier each day. Painting is fun again and much looser … something I’ve tried to achieve for years.

Keya keeps reminding me that The Universe is taking care of me. I believe it because The Universe brought Keya to me in a magical way. I am forever grateful."

Nomi Wagner
September 15, 2018

Client Testimonials for Spiritual Life Coach Keya 3Client Testimonials for Spiritual Life Coach Keya 5

"Keya creates a calm, relaxing and fun atmosphere. She truly cares and has the skills and willingness to dive down deep to assist with complex issues, or simply be there with open arms and ears. She is truly a blessing!!!" -Trav Carpenter

“I have been working with Keya, she’s wonderful. She extracts the elements of your life to give attention to, and helps in profound ways to shift those that you want to shift. It feels so natural and organic, while at the same time fundamental and groundbreaking. I do feel a shift in my thinking, and more peace in relation to issues that had been causing much stress. Highly recommend!

-Melanie Maxfield, Independent Stylist at Stella and Dot

Client Testimonials for Spiritual Life Coach Keya 7
"Keya is Genuine-Gifted Both Right & Left-Brained with talents that harmonize & unite in a Universal Embrace that resonate contagiously...
her intuitive & yes! no-nonsense approach to the Beauty that is Life opens & re-opens all Chakras & – be graced by all that she offers not only with her printed words but her physical presence ... I revisit and practice her Wisdom & hope you shall do the same...Namaste!" - Client Testimonial from Stephanie Conti

Client Testimonials for Spiritual Life Coach Keya 9"I would recommend Keya to anyone that feels stuck or has somehow lost that internal compass. You will find your North Star! Something deep inside me has changed. It is indeed for the better. Now, more than ever I can see where I want to be and what I need to do to get there. Thanks, Keya, for your guidance!"
- Elsa Berna, CEO, Amarantzi Inc.

"You know that feeling when you feel so alone, and like no one really gets it? I was there, then Coach Keya answered my call. She was able to schedule me for a session that same day. She helped me to realize I need to love myself(mind, body and soul) in order to help and serve others. She has no problem saying it how it is. I am so grateful she was there and available at a time when I needed help the most.

I have gained life knowledge that I can share with others. It's ok to feel how you feel but have the confidence and believe in yourself. Journal, it feels good to get that out. She helped me learn how to communicate better with my husband. Her ways of teaching are something I will never forget. Thank you forever and ever! ❤✌????"
- RYANNE Bustos

"I am so happy to have found Keya because, in the few months that I have worked with her, she has helped me tremendously to overcome career and time management issues, to set boundaries, and to achieve my goals by being more assertive and standing up for myself.  She has also helped me to deal with issues relating to my physical health, which I am extremely grateful for.  I would say that in the past three or four months of visiting Keya’s office that my overall happiness and physical well-being have improved around 90 percent. 

I also feel that I have more self-esteem and confidence at work and feel that I am truly developing what it takes to attain my goals both personally and professionally.  

One of Keya's assignments was to visualize strongly that which I desire to manifest in my life and to write about it using very specific details.  After doing this, I feel much more confident that this desired outcome – or at least something very similar to it – will eventually transpire at the right time and in the right manner.  I cannot express how thankful I am for all of this.  "
- Amber Workman, Ph.D. Professor in Mexican Border Studies


Client Testimonials for Spiritual Life Coach Keya 11"Having goals or dreams in life is easy, anyone can have them; however, getting to those goals or accomplishing those dreams is usually or in most cases almost impossible. Why? Because people do not have a mentor or guide that keeps them focused or in track with the steps needed to get where they want to be. Keya has been my mentor and guide to accomplishing some of my dreams and goals in life!

Listening to her wisdom, and most importantly experiencing compassion is what I love the most about Keya. Knowing that I have someone that is watching over me by keeping me accountable for what I do and say is what has given me the confidence in my self and in Keya's service.

Thank you, Keya for being who you are, a great mentor and wise soul in my life!! Love, "
- Juliana Ramirez, CEO, JR Bookkeeping

Client Testimonials for Spiritual Life Coach Keya 13


"Go See Keya. She will help you help yourself. I benefit a great deal with the stuff I learn from her. Definitely worth the Energy Exchange...She helps me get unstuck!"
- Tony Chavez 10/29/2013


"The Ventura Healing Center offers a very loving, caring, and sacred space for release, renewal, and regeneration. My experiences there are always incredible, if not life-changing. I highly recommend if you are seriously ready to make positive changes in your life towards your life purpose here on earth at this time.

As Keya said to me, "If you have the courage, get up on the table." The insight was incredible as is dear Keya."
Donna 10/29/2013,


Client Testimonials for Spiritual Life Coach Keya 15"If you want to know the raw truth and get past what patterns are blocking you go to Coach Keya. She is totally honest and cares about your success. She works quickly and efficiently. Be prepared though for the truth you may not want to hear but need to hear. Here's to your success. Be happy"

- Dr. Cassie Woods


"I am so fortunate to have found Keya...her genuine gift as a healing life coach is so multi-faceted as well as her personal professionalism. Her wisdom is laced with grace and generosity as well as a grand sense of humor. I revisit the self-work homework and tools she provided for desired changes even several months after completing my sessions...and shall continue & incorporate and most obviously emulate her guided path process...xoxo Yahoo magic‼️"
- Stephanie C

Client Testimonials for Spiritual Life Coach Keya 18Client Testimonials for Spiritual Life Coach Keya 20"Keya seemed to have the ability to know right away exactly what we wanted...she helped us focus on where we are headed and to bring prosperity into our lives...she worked with us individually to eliminate any limiting beliefs and obstacles that are holding us back...she has already brought a focus and confidence into our business that was not there before...we know where we are heading and what we need to get there... we are now living more in a state of gratitude..."

- Client Testimonials from Lynn and Richard Huber, Home Business Specialists

Client Testimonials for Spiritual Life Coach Keya 22"Huna. WOW! A wonderful experience is hard to put into words. It was exactly what I needed at the moment - a two-hour nap in 20 minutes, waking up fully refreshed in body, mind, and spirit. Feeling ready, willing, and able to move forward in that is good and perfect for me in my life right now.

Thank you, dear sister!" - Bella 10/7/2013


"The day my life changed was the day I met Keya. Keya has taught me a new way to live. She has opened my mind to an entirely different way of thinking. I am the happiest that I have ever been in my life and I feel more content than ever. 

Client Testimonials for Spiritual Life Coach Keya 24Since meeting Keya I have left my old dead beat job which I did on a whim and just walked out and never looked back. A month and a half later I started a new job at a wonderful company with the most wonderful group of people and the absolute best boss I could ever ask for. After only having been at my new job for 2 months I was given a pay increase for the amazing job that I had been doing.

A month after that on my 90 day anniversary, I was given an even larger pay increase and was made a permanent employee with the company.

I was complimented by my boss who told me how pleased she was with me and just ecstatic to have me on board. My boss told me that she's never had someone trained in so many different areas within the company in such a short period of time as I have been and that she didn't know how I had pulled it off. In all of my entire life on this earth, I have never had such incredible success at any job or with any boss as I have had now.

Since meeting with Keya I have had other similar experiences with my family and my kids. Our lives are improving for the better each day. We are not filled with emptiness, hurt, and sorrow as we once were but filled with joyous love and happiness that radiates from within us each day.

Keya has become a good friend. She is not just someone I go to for help and healing but I consider her a wonderful friend. I am so grateful that I have met her and that she is in my life. I will never look back at the way my life once was but only forward as to what my life now is and will continue to be. I speak from my heart about Keya and those who are blessed to know her will speak the same.

She gives you the tools and teaches you that you have the power within you to live the life that you want to live. Her lessons are worth more than gold and I hold them forever dear to my heart."
- Love, Sierra 9/27/2013

"Spiritual Life Coach Keya is truly a wonderful coach and teacher. She not only taught me new lessons on prosperity but helped me to utilize the ones that I had already known. She was the perfect teacher to take me to the next level." - Jim Doyle

"I have been working with Coach Keya for the past six months. In this time I have gone through a complete transformation. I have been able to leave behind old habits, patterns of behavior, and thoughts that did not serve my highest self. In this short time, she has guided me to create happiness, with a more fulfilling career, the tools to make healthy choices, and has given me the tools to allow my body and spirit to heal, from both physical and emotional (illness/issues). 

Coach Keya and I are now working on creating the life I have always dreamed of. My family and I are now working on creating the life I have always dreamed of. My family has been blessed to be able to work with her." Margie G. Sept. 27, 2013

"Hi! My name is Rosemary Menchaca. I have been coming to see Keya for nearly three years. I used to be so fearful because I had breast cancer. I was depressed. Keya helped me through my depression, fears, and anxiety using healing, hypnosis, and NLP. She taught me forgiveness using ho'oponopono.

Before coming to Keya I did not want to take care of myself. But now with her help and God's grace, I do not have that awful feeling of depression. I feel alive again. I come regularly for healing as sometimes my body reacts to something from life and Keya heals me. She is a great gift." 2/1/2013

"Since I have been working with Keya and availing of her healing and hypnosis services, it's been easier to talk to people. I feel I have more energy to do the things I like to do and am more committed  I feel more at peace regardless of whatever the situation maybe."

- Efrain Luevano 10/12/2012

"Coming from a place of not knowing – I allowed myself to be open to Keya. She has a wonderful way about her and she truly cares about each and every one of her clients. I know that my life is better for knowing her. She is nothing if not real."
Client Testimonial from  Donna Grossman

Client Testimonials for Spiritual Life Coach Keya 26"I have owned my company for 8 years.  In those 8 years, the business underwent many changes and financial struggles, which took its toll on my mind and spirit.  When I reached a point, when I felt I had failed at business and relationships,  I started working with Keya Murthy on subconscious patterns that were limited my ability to be a strong leader and expecting more from my company and myself as a leader. 

In a matter of 6 months, my company has doubled its profit, and the trends appear to be steady.  More importantly, I feel a stronger leader to my staff and more self-assured.  As an added bonus I also have rekindled a long-ago love affair which is now giving me more satisfaction then I could have asked for.  Thank you, Keya.  I look forward to continuing our journey to enlightenment, self-discovery, and a happy future.   


Dr. Cassandra Woods DPT, PT, CEO 

Client Testimonials for Spiritual Life Coach Keya 28"Spiritual Life Coach Keya has the gift of enlightenment and sharing. She shares her gifts to anoint others with the vision and action plan for attainable results. Coach Keya made me lose my fear of dreaming because I left like my dreams can actually become a reality. She is a gift and I recommend everyone seek her coaching in order to help attain your goals in business, health and love." - Brenda Allison 6/6/2012


"Working with Keya has brought so much more clarity and balance into my life. I am now able to learn to love myself more and more every day. Her wisdom and guidance have encouraged me to become a better person every day." - Melissa Gano 6/6/12

"I have been working with Keya, she's wonderful. She extracts the elements of your life to give attention to and helps in profound ways to shift those that you want to shift. It feels so natural and organic, while at the same time fundamental and groundbreaking. I do feel a shift in my thinking, and more peace in relation to issues that had been causing much stress. Highly recommend!"

-Melanie Maxfield, Independent Stylist at Stella and Dot

"Keya is an AWESOME person! The world needs more people like her!"
- Laura Quintero

I am Monica Casas a few years ago I would go do a weekly to bi-weekly session with you at your home before you started the wellness center.  I want to make an appointment with you.  I have been going thru a lot of stress/anxiety these past few months and my friend who is a therapist wanted me to go get some professional help thru my health insurance but I have gone in the past and seemed to get nowhere with the Kaiser Permanente therapist.  I thought of you because when we would talk I felt more comfortable discussing things and having spiritual healing did help me a lot.  .… "

“….I do feel better after the treatments you gave me. I feel light, happy & energetic. I am drinking tea with warm water as I am writing this email…..” Saroj

"Keya would help the world if she could. She is intuitive, kind, and embodies what it means to be love and to use love to heal all wounds. She is always "being". I send much love and gratitude her way."
J. Marie Halstead, Healer, Mother

Non client testimonials :

"Difficult to find words to praise her....suffice to say that connecting after so many years..she comes across as a wonderful and compassionate person.." Venkatesh Rao

"Keya is a very gifted beautiful spirit. I highly recommend her as a professional to be trusted and I value her as my friend."

- Christine West,  Owner/President at TheBusinessMD

"Keya is honest and always willing to help, always willing to help you to transform to being better." Devinder Singh, Engineer

Client Testimonials for Spiritual Life Coach Keya 30"Keya's passion for what she does is purely genuine. She cares about her own values and what is important to other people. I got to know her while working on a project about her and how dynamic she is. She is a loving mother, spiritual healer, and has a very strong will." John Rose, Photographer



"Keya is a person of deep compassion and care. She is a person of integrity and great warmth. It is my pleasure to recommend her." - Marie "Divine Blueprint" B., Creator at Grand Organizing Designer

Client Testimonials for Spiritual Life Coach Keya 32"I highly recommend the Ventura Healing Center featuring Keya Murthy's Hypnotherapy and counseling services! As a Colleague, Collaborator and Friend, I can vouch for Keya's Consciousness, Ethics, Expertise,Heart and Intentions. She's a great educator and extremely insightful individual who is Spiritually enlightened and practically grounded in reality. A great combination for a listener, facilitator, guide, and supporter. Keya has much to share with many and loves to share it!"
-  Stanlee Panelle, MFT

"Words are too short to describe Keya...she is a person who wants to help the whole world with her arms spread as if to embrace the planet with her love and care clubbed with her in-depth knowledge about spirituality and universe to people across all walks of life......thanks Keya for being."
- Vijay Sharma · Business Head at KUONI BUSINESS TRAVEL INDIA PVT LTD

"I have worked with Keya Murthy and went to the same school, and she is an amazing Hypnotherapist, will recommend her to everyone, she is kind, loving, intuitive and always willing and ready to help." -Doreen Cohanim C.Ht, MM.

"Always Kind, well-spoken, and very wise... Continued Success!"
Louis Yacoubi Greer  International Developement at Real Water District inc. 

"Keya is a very loving and caring person, All the Best to her!"
- Supriya Bhise, Homemaker, Mother

"I love Keya and I'm happy to recommend her!"
- Ema Salmon, Pharmacist, Owner, Ema's herbs

"Hey... Wishing u all success! :-)"
-Lita Nair Singh

"Keya is an amazing person who is able to be a consummate professional but still maintains a sense of humor at the same time. I have had the privilege of working with her. I hope you get the chance too." - Erick Rainey, Founder, and Director at Rainworks Training and Development

"Happy to recommend Keya, who is doing GOD's work!"
- Dr. Rajni Mukherjee

"Anybody who is involved in making this world a better place and turns a human being to be spiritual, I will always be fortunate and Keya is one among them she's a wonderful person."
- Janhavi Patil Kumar, Los Angeles, CA

"Blessed Soul... Likes to spread happiness and blessings to all who come in touch with her.." - Sanjay Bhatia, Sr Manager, Oracle

"Keya is a Gem of a person. Her passion and knowledge in her chosen field make her a unique personality. I wish her the best in all her endeavors."
-Ketan Buch, Country Head at M/s Georgia-Pacific Kemrock Intnl.P.Ltd

"She is great, We need more people like her." - Rachel Samuel

"Blindly you can depend on her, she will always think best for you."

Girish Tere, Ph.D. Professor, Thakur College, Mumbai, India

"Hi, Coach Keya. Many thanks for Thursday.  Powerful experience.  I just signed up online for Huna Workshop tonight.  See you at 5:55. Love and peace." --Lianne, Artist

"Hi Keya, I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful refreshing couple of days of class. It has been  a while since someone has spoken directly to my heart."- Respectfully, Juan Carlos Fernandez

"Dear Keya,

"I am astonished at your level of giving...., you are so so so kind, Keya, I am so very appreciative for your meditation." Bye, Adrianne!!

You are my godsend, an amazing resilient extraordinary human being – eternal love,” –  June

Hi, Coach Keya.
I did very much enjoy your seminar last Monday.  I found it informative and inspiring.  It is helpful to remind and keep my mind in the right trend.  This is a fascinating realm and journey.  I feel like my perceptions are shifting in some way.  I am trying just to relax and flow with it.  You have special gifts to offer.  ….” Lianne

Hi ms. Keya,
     I’m one of the students of Raeann Koerner from her holistic health class. First I want to say thank you for the wonderful experience that you gave us. I really wanted to ask you before about my own experience of the therapeutic hypnotism that we did, but I was so shy to say a word in front of everybody.

When they turn off the light and you open up the window, I felt a little panic because there was something in my past that I was alone in my room and it was dark. So I could not concentrate at first and then when you tell us about the stairs, I saw myself on top of it and I was so happy. That made me realize how sad I am right now, and I really wanted to cry before. And then when you told us to go to our room, when I opened the door, I saw it was an empty bright room and the sun gives it light to the room. I saw the wooden chair and table and some color pens, I know I write something but I forgot what is it. and then I saw the trees and the river with the sunlight on it, I didn’t see the bird but I’m hearing it somewhere. And then while you were saying, all about the birds and the rivers,

I felt the heat on my hands and the next thing that happened is I felt like I was being lifted up from my chair like I’m floating 4-5 inches above the ground. I don't know what those all mean but after that experience, I felt light-hearted…Are there connections with my past of what happened? What is the meaning of me being lift up or felt like floating?…. ” Marge

Thank you too for sharing your flame for spirituality and divine mother’s bliss so generously with the Satsang.   You are so beautiful!” Kelly

“ Really happy for you dear Keya !!! You are doing wonderful work !...” Dr. Rajni Mukherjee

very interesting article ..thank you for sharing, as Physicians we tend to take a skeptical approach to it except perhaps Psychiatrists..some of whom I know actually use hypnosis as part of therapy ..would like to read some more could you suggest some books …for the uninitiated ..thanks” Prasun


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