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I have been guided by Keya in understanding about self-worth and purpose beyond what I thought I knew.

She has taught me the steps to self help and goal setting and purpose. And most of all, she is honest. She has never told me what I wanted to hear and I couldn’t be more grateful for it. She has reinforced my thinking and has given me the tools to deal with several issues ranging from health to anxiety to family issues to relationships, etc. If you are at a mental or physical or any roadblock in your life, go see Keya. Try looking at life from a different perspective. Keya will guide you... Just try it, you’ll see...

— Antonio D.

Hypnotherapist - Healer - Coach - Author

Meet Coach Keya

As a child growing up in rural India, I already knew that no one had the answers to the questions within me, that I had to go inside and find them for myself.

Living in the trenches gave me the experience to live an empowered life and lead others to live their authentic lives.

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Clarity is a pre-requisite before you begin to wonder how to stay focused and achieve your goals. Here Coach Keya takes you through the "before", "during" and "after" of getting your goals process. 5 simple steps on how to stay focused and achieve your goals Do you have a dream, a wish, a fantasy, a...
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5 Reasons Practicing Self-Forgiveness is Critical to Your Happiness

Forgiveness has never been for the other. The only forgiveness to practice is the practice of self forgiveness. To try to forgive someone else is like asking the other to change and the other not being able to keep up with your expectations. Forgiveness is crucial for a happy life. Without forgiveness, you are consuming...
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I am so grateful for how she continues to help me discover the real me and all of my potential.

I discovered Keya during a very difficult time in my life. In fact, I am still going through some hard times.

I had tried traditional talk therapy, but felt like all I was doing was venting. Keya has provided me with not only emotional support, but tools and spiritual guidance to help me on my healing journey. I am so grateful for how she continues to help me discover the real me and all of my potential. One of the things that drew me to her was her honest and down-to-earth approach.

Yes, she is very wise and very intelligent. But at the same time, she is nurturing and encouraging. I feel truly blessed to know Keya.

— Kathleen K.

I feel empowered and confident!!

Thank you Keya!

From our first session until now, I have come to truly embrace happiness!

I feel empowered and confident!! I have come to really love myself and find wellness in my life!

— Julie A.

My life is changing for the better every day.

If you feel you have reached a stopping block in your life and need assistance finding out what is holding you back, Keya Murthy is the person you need to see.

I have seen a Psychiatrist and an MFA who are great listeners, but they do not give you the tools and help guide you in your journey like Coach Keya does.

— Brett H.

Coach Keya is truly a wonderful coach and teacher.

She not only taught me new lessons on prosperity but helped me to utilize the ones that I had already known. She was the perfect teacher to take me to the next level.

— Jim D.

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