Discover Your Purpose and Fulfillment
for a Joyful, Powerful, Enriched Life

Find Joy in Your Journey

Do you ever feel like you're doing all the right things
but are getting all the wrong results?

Do you...

  • Feel lost with too many options and need to decide what’s ideal, for you, right now
  • Work hard at doing all that’s right and now feel ready for the results
  • Have chaos in one or more areas of your life and seek some calm
  • Feel exhausted from spinning in circles and could use some pointers on returning to flow
  • Want to stop the overwhelm and get on your own priority list

You’ve read all the books, heard all the podcasts, attended all the webinars, and are unwilling to listen to the next person who suggests something else to make you feel better.

You have run the rounds of therapists and they now feel like girlfriends you are tired of going and telling the same old story.

How do I know?
I have been there

Trust me, I've been through it all and more.

And over 17 years, I've heard and helped
over thousands who have been there, too. 

Hello, my name is Keya.

Hello, my name is Keya.

Life found an interesting way of making me see that doing good and right things do not always bring good and right results.

I have experienced earning six figures in a successful career, and I've battled unemployment and homelessness as a single mother of three children.

I have survived bankruptcy, divorce, accidents, injuries, the loss of loved ones, and an empty nest.

Keya Murthy, Spiritual Life Coach
Through my struggles, I’ve learned that what no longer serves me dies and the phoenix rises from its own ashes - transformation occurs – and something nice and new is born.
I believe everyone deserves to live a beautiful, powerful and free life. And I can help you free yourself from your entrapments to find joy, passion, and purpose in life, heal your past, find hope for the future and happiness in the present. Living life in self-doubts with low self-esteem and low self-worth or with blame, shame and guilt robs you of your personal pride, dignity, and eventually, sanity.

Peace and balance are your birthrights.

You deserve to find a direction that keeps you focused on your true north.

Imagine a life
where you are

  • Free from past patterns and baggage of negative emotions so you can breathe easier, sleep better and improve your overall health and decision making process
  • Living in forgiveness and purpose
  • Practicing self-acceptance, self-love, self-healing, and self-care
  • Communicating more effectively with yourself and others so you can avoid conflicts and enjoy deeper connection in your relationships
  • Enjoy balance, harmony, and peace

That is my mission, promise, and blessing for you when we work together.


Braveheart Coaching

A program designed to help you:

  • Find joy in your journey
  • Bring balance to your life
  • Achieve your goals
  • Transform into a healthier, wealthier, happier version of yourself
A look inside Bravheart Coaching

This cutting-edge, holistic curriculum combines hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, astrology, yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, transpersonal psychology, communication strategies, Reiki, energy medicine, and Shamanism.

You will discover how to:

  • Tap into your own intuition and know that you are right when you are right and stop second-guessing yourself
  • Tap into your subconscious mind and access your higher self so you have more peace and stability and live life more gracefully
  • Use your sleep time to reprogram your subconscious mind so you can replace old patterns with new beneficial ones that allow you to feel healthy, wealthy, and happy
  • Maximize your waking hours so that you can achieve your goals effortlessly and have more fun along the way
  • Start a new conversation with money so you can attract financial abundance
  • Begin a new journey towards health and happiness
  • Use healing hypnosis to live without blame, shame, and guilt
  • Experience Ho’oponopono to forgive your past so you can enjoy more freedom
  • Meditate in 60 seconds to experience peace, anytime, anywhere
  • Effectively use self-hypnosis for self-mastery
  • Create a prosperity blueprint to keep you on track even after the program is over

Braveheart Coaching

Heal Your Heart & Prepare Your Mind for Success

A look inside Bravheart Coaching

What Students Are Saying

She's a master of her craft

and brings such a loving, empowered energy to sessions. She cares so much about her clients and about humanity which shows through everything she does. Magic.

- Kate C., Hartford, CT

Keya definitely helped me find my true path

I tried conventional therapy and it helped a little, but Keya definitely helped me find my true path. If life is moving like choppy waters and you lose course, Keya will help you sail in the correct direction in a nurturing fashion.

- Tony R., Oxnard, CA

Time spent with Keya is time well spent.

What a gift she is to those who have found her. Keya's work is powerful and profound. She is effective, honest, blunt, loving, forgiving, and real.

- Christina D., Calabasas, CA

Why You'll Love It

Here you'll get the best of healing, therapy, and coaching:

  • Healing: where you learn to live free from conditionings
  • Therapy: where you learn to make sense of the past
  • Coaching: where the focus is on the future

We'll have live and highly interactive sessions

One-on-one sessions for intimacy and personalized guidance

Everything we do together is customized to you & your unique situation

But that's not all!
You also get access to these bonuses.

  • Access to all courses inside the Academy:
    • 11 Steps to Goal-Getting course
    • How to Resolve Conflict and Communicate Effectively mini-course
    • How to Stop the Chaos and Create a Sustainable Calm mini-course
  • Access to private Facebook community for ongoing daily support
  • Daily energy attunements and just-right healing (all you need to do is sign up)
  • Lifetime access to all future course updates


If at any point you decide you don't want to work with me anymore, you will be refunded for your remaining sessions, no questions asked.
Any used sessions will be billed at the regular rate of $300/hour.

I love to work only with those who enjoy working with me!

Braveheart Coaching

Heal Your Heart & Prepare Your Mind for Success

A look inside Bravheart Coaching

What Students Are Saying

I have come to really love myself and find wellness in my life!

Thank you, Keya! From our first session until now, I have come to truly embrace happiness! I feel empowered and confident!!

- Julie A., Ventura, CA

She truly has made such an impact on my life in just a couple of months.

Coach Keya is one of a kind. She has such pure intentions and is such a beautiful honest soul. I couldn't recommend her more highly.

- Brittany O.

Keya is amazing coach — all I can say is I couldn’t stop smiling

and I'm so happy I started my journey with her. I’m so pleased and I can feel I’m heading where I need to be.

- Marie

Meet Coach Keya

Hi! Here’s a little bit about me…

After pursuing an undergraduate degree in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics and a master’s program in Computer Science, I spent 16 years working in the Information and
Technology industry in various positions as a software engineer, systems analyst and architect, and project manager. In 2001, with the terrorist strike on the twin towers of New York, my life and career took a turn along with many others.

I found myself jobless and returned to school. Slowly and steadily, from square one, I built another career as a hypnotherapist, healer, and spiritual life coach.

Since 2005, I have professionally worked with thousands and helped heal their hearts, achieve their goals and find their equilibrium.

Each year, I enrolled in a new curriculum and have been adding more tools to my toolkit to help my clients and students live powerful, beautiful, and free lives.

A few of my trainings and certifications:

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Trainer and Master Practitioner in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Master Practitioner in Reiki
  • Master Practitioner in Timeline Therapy
  • Master Practitioner in Therapeutic Imagery
  • Astrologer
  • Yoga teacher
  • Ayurvedic counselor
  • Meditation teacher
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner
  • Huna (Hawaiian Energy Medicine) and Ho’oponopono (Forgiveness Meditation) Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

You should join if you:

  • feel you have been doing the right things and getting wrong results
  • have tried every form of coaching and don’t want to be coached any more
  • are afraid of losing your job
  • are struggling in your relationships and don’t want to hurt anymore
  • have a good job, relationship, career and still feel something is amiss
  • have gone as far as you could on your own and now are ready for objectivity, a different perspective, and some tough love to enjoy success, abundance, and prosperity in life
  • feel burnt out and are ready to ignite the flame of life and bring in joy 
  • have done things as told by others and now are ready to live life on your own terms but don’t know what they are
  • ready to be heard and understood
  • are an empty nester
  • want to change your career
  • feel you are seeking support, guidance, and willing to be held accountable
  • willing and able to succeed but need help with clarity and focus on next steps
  • struggle with self-esteem and/or confidence 
  • struggle with finding joy in your life


  • This is program is right for me if I am:
    ✓ recovering from a recent loss and my emotional support base is here for me but I feel expert help will help me.
    ✓ afraid of speaking the truth
    ✓ willing to work on my shy nature and work on speaking up for myself
    ✓ willing to take responsibility for the present and work towards creating a healthy future
    ✓ accept that the past cannot be changed
    ✓ open to comments, questions, doubts, challenges and work on accepting life as a two-way street
    ✓ are taking prescription drugs and working closely with a healthcare professional
    ✓ willing to do the agreed-upon emotional and mental work
  • This program is not right for me if I:
    ✓ have just lost a loved one and have no one to emotionally support me.
    ✓ have chemical addictions and are not working with trained professionals or part of any support system
    ✓ am painfully shy or totally embarrassed by my current situation
    ✓ feel my current situation is someone’s (mine or others) fault
    ✓ feel hurt, shameful, and guilty and believe that nothing will ever change it except the justice system
    ✓ feel like I have to hide certain truths about my life because I'm afraid of being judged
    ✓ am taking prescription medication to cope with emotional challenges because that is the only thing that works for me
    ✓ am seeking effortless magic

If at any point you decide you don't want to work with me anymore, you will be refunded for your remaining sessions, no questions asked.
Any used sessions will be billed at the regular rate of $300/hour.

I love to work only with those who enjoy working with me!

You can do 1:1 sessions individually on a need basis or work on a specific area of your life to experience breakthroughs. After your initial 3 or 6 months is up, you'll get access to an exclusive discounted rate for future sessions.

Set up a 15-minute free conversation with Coach Keya to get your questions related to the program answered.

What Students Are Saying

I feel that she is truly invested in my well-being

and pushes me to do the work required to achieve my goals. She has a very calming way about her and I always leave feeling motivated and at peace.

- Marni B., Ventura, CA

Direct, wise, and healing,

Keya has supported my goals in areas of personal, professional, and spiritual growth. She listens but gives feedback.

- Daniela R., Sedona, AZ

Keya is amazing!

She is transparent, to the point, gets to the root quickly, yet has a way about her that is calming and extremely supportive.

- Sabrina R., Oxnard, CA

Braveheart Coaching

Heal Your Heart & Prepare Your Mind for Success

A look inside Bravheart Coaching

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