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Last Updated On:  December 11, 2020

5 Reasons Practicing Self-Forgiveness is Critical to Your Happiness

By Coach Keya

Self Forgiveness

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Forgiveness has never been for the other. The only forgiveness to practice is the practice of self forgiveness. To try to forgive someone else is like asking the other to change and the other not being able to keep up with your expectations.

Forgiveness is crucial for a happy life. Without forgiveness, you are consuming the proverbial poison and expecting the other to hurt or die.

Let's talk self forgiveness here now before we step into relating it to happiness

"Let it go" and the three simplest words to spell and say and yet hardest to follow. It's the not so secret key to all things your spirit seeks to rejoice in each waking moment. Forgiveness towards others is a heavy concept. Did anyone ask you to forgive them? By the way, that's a rhetorical question.

please forgive me

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Then, why must you forgive them? Well, if they ask you for forgiveness then sure go ahead and give them what they seek. But before you forgive anyone, you must forgive yourself for allowing yourself to be hurt through the words or actions of others. This, right away, is an act of self-forgiveness.

What you can't do for yourself you cannot do for others? If you can't love yourself you can't love another. If you don't cook for yourself you cannot cook for another. Whatever you can't do for yourself how are you going to do it for someone else?

Begin the journey by forgiving yourself. When you practice self forgiveness, you get to forgive others, and you feel better about your relation, yourself and truly move on with life. You might have heard of "let go and let God". God is a broad concept and if you do not believe in God then call it the Universe or the Source of creation. As a physicist, I have an explanation for that.

When you let "things" go, you create space in your life. And, in this space, you can bring in whatever you fancy. This makes you happier.

Reasons to practice self forgiveness

  1. You release whatever is toxic and can have space to breathe easier and bring in whatever makes you happier
  2. When you are not practicing self forgiveness, you cannot forgive anyone else and hence your relations turn painful one after the other.
  3. When you change, things around you change. Let's say, you live each day in self forgiveness. So through the law of attraction, you attract others who practice self forgiveness. That's a great way to be part of a wave by virtue of starting the ripple of self forgiveness and creating happiness.
  4. Whenever you feel unhappy it is mainly because you are still stuck somewhere happened and you believe it was wrong. This is living in the past. And, as long as you live in the past, you are missing out on the present and not able to make the most of the present is presenting you with. You are anything but happy and how fair is it to you? The one who wronged you has moved on and is somewhere living their life and here you are dealing with the past stuck in unforgiveness.
  5. To me, the foremost, final, and the only reason to focus on happiness through the practice of self forgiveness is I have one life to life and I owe it to myself to live happy. What about you? How many lives do you have to live? Isn't self forgiveness worth a try? Don't you owe it to yourself to live happily each day. Sure, things will happen, but should that take you away from what is your birthright, your true nature of living life as a happy person. No one is responsible to keep you happy. It's your responsibility and right as a human.
Happy Dandelion

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If you want to experience self forgiveness and find happiness or learn more about the practice of self forgives to forge the path to happiness, I would love to connect with you.

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Until later,

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