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When Karma won't let go, work with Coach Keya#1 Karmic entrenchment is a real thing.

Hello, my dear braveheart. If you have worked with me, seen or heard me in the past, you know I keep things raw and real. I am a straight shooter and speak the truth as I see them.

Now here’s the truth about me. I know I have fewer years to live than I have already lived so far. So without cutting corners and trying to be a pleaser, I will try to make you aware of things as I am growing aware of them.

Karmic entrenchment is a real thing. You are continuously working through your karma as you keep creating new ones with each thought, emotion, feeling, word, and action.

When Karma won't let go of you, work with Coach Keya

On the bridge in Gangotri, Himalayas

Since you are reading/hearing this, let me guess, there is a difficult pattern in your life right now. You might have self-defeating feelings and thoughts. So you speak self-defeating words and take self-defeating actions.

In plain words, you are sabotaging yourself and you don’t even know how.

You think you are trying to change, and you do not feel supported. You feel like you just can’t win.

Aha! But let me tell you, you can and you will when you own your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. You have to own yourself before you try changing things.

As a human, we all are addicted to our emotions. You feel angry, and then you get angry because you are feeling angry. Same with sadness. You feel sad, and now you feel bad because you are feeling sad.

It’s the same with other negative emotions like fear, guilt, hurt, pain, blame, shame, and doubts. Name it!

Heck, you are addicted to your positive emotions too. When you feel good, you feel good that you are feeling good.

We humans just want to feel good all the time and never feel bad. This is what makes us either run away from stuff or towards things all the time while working past karma and creating new ones.

Your karma keeps you stuck in old thoughts, behaviors, attachments, and expectations. Through repetitive thoughts and actions, you dig deeper into your karmic trench.

The Buddha called it the pendulum that swings between aversion and clinginess. Either you feel aversion to things or you cling to them.

Learn to recognize how your patterns play out in your relationships, work, and certainly in your beliefs, behaviors, and responses.

The only way to change is to take responsibility for your past without any blame, shame, or guilt toward anyone including yourself.

It is easier said than done, but you can do it when you are working with someone, like a trusted guide. Yes, that’s my forte’. I help my clients work out past karma and create new ones that are more beneficial to them and their loved ones.

This allows you to take charge of your current situation and therefore create a desired future.

This is the first step in shifting your ideas, feelings, and past programming that made you hurt yourself. You might have gone for short-term gains that hurt you in the long run.

You will learn to slow down and take notice of your thoughts, and the way you feel and respond to what’s going on, around you and within you. This requires conscious effort every step of the way.

And no, you cannot do it alone. No one can. You are not an island. You need a support system that is objective, tender, loving, and caring.

Without working on your karma, you can continue through lifetimes thinking, feeling, speaking, and acting the same way and it will just be another life that came, lived, and left.

But when you commit to working on your stuff, you not only dig yourself out of the hole you are in right now but also the world gets to show up as a better place, one day at a time.

You get to choose to stay in the same-old-same-old or step away and create new programming in which your past is a pleasant memory of experiences and lessons and the future is the desired one you get to create with healing, learning, and effortless evolution.

Find someone who will support you, guide you, and hold you accountable. I am always here, yours truly!

A cloud never dies

Memorial of Thay Thich Nhat Hanh, Plum Village, France


#2 How to step away from the past

You might wonder how you could have landed yourself in such a horrible, dark, or confining situation.

First of all just to clear some air out here, you are not alone, ever! This confining situation might feel so, but in reality, it is part of your birthing process.

When a caterpillar wraps itself in its own fibers that come out of its own body, it’s like a baby wrapped in mommy fluid and sac. To the caterpillar or the baby, it isn’t confining, it’s part of their being here and now in preparation for their birthing.

If you think of your current affairs as bad or wrong, that’s your ego talking. Your future self is your ideal self, your true self, and your soul self. It knows you must go through your current mess to land on your next step of evolution.

There are no shortcuts in life, and there is no spiritual bypass that will get you out of your current mess without you doing any work.

So how do you learn to see the world through the eyes of your future self, which is more powerful and knowledgeable than how you are feeling right now?

First of all, you have to claim that your reality is self-created through your reactions to what was going on. You have to take ownership and stop the blame game. It’s no one’s fault for the soup you are in right now. It’s not your fault either.

When you get that, you can begin to break free from this self-imposed prison you find yourself in.

You can escape this shadow cast on you. You can make your history the fodder for the future you are planting right now. Fodder is manure - it is poop from some animal and decaying plant life. Without this poop and decaying stuff, no flower and fruit-bearing plant can flourish, yes? Or yes?

As soon as you own this truth, slowly but surely, you begin walking towards greener pastures. And soon, you will harvest all that’s bright and beautiful through your new beliefs, thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.

Stuck is a word of the past, and now you will begin to feel stable. Also, lost is no longer a word in your vocabulary, as you feel more inspired and in the flow, with more clarity and focus. Finally, the word overwhelm goes flying out the window when you choose to step into your power and have a new direction, and purpose. You rebuild this jigsaw puzzle that is your life, and you feel fulfilled.

When you hire a guide and work with her, you stay on course. Because your past is going nowhere. It remains in the shadows and follows you around.

Anytime you take your eyes off the windshield, the rearview mirrors will show you what you are leaving behind. You might feel tempted to turn back to what was once painful but familiar. It used to be your comfort zone, but your guide holding your hand will egg you on.

No one reached a destination by staring at the rearview mirror, did they?

Your guide makes sure you do not slip and will catch you should you fall, so the landing is softer than it would be when you are alone.

When you work with me, I help you step into your power and claim it forever.

Sabotaging thoughts and feelings have no more power over you. You feel loved and you honor yourself as you take that next step to financial, mental, and emotional freedom.

Are you ready to step towards a desired future?

Stay true to your promise - Work with Coach Keya

Stay true to your promise to yourself

#3 How to stay true to the promise your soul made before you were conceived

Life is wild. Sometimes it’s the wild desert, or the wild forest, swamps, mountains, or urban dwellings, nevertheless wild.

No matter how the landscape shows up during the day, at night when you look up at the sky, it’s the same stars shining down for those looking up. It’s the stars at night, during our darkest hours, that unite us.

Each star is a glowing glob of gas from trillions of miles away in space. And that’s the truth. In your pain, you are connected with the rest of the living beings who are in pain of their own underneath the same starry sky in the dark.

Take a slow long deep breath and see yourself stepping into a future of your choosing. As you exhale, picture those you need to be with walking towards you.

As you sit in the place of non-attachments, see yourself attracting everyone who is meant to support you in the next phase of your life.

Or you could see yourself at the end of a rainbow connected to your new partners, friends, and collaborators at the other end of the rainbows you are sending out.

The old contracts of your life are being completed, and the new ones are being written. Ask yourself, what do you want to let go of and what do you want to replace it?

Your life is your choice, choose well, choose wisely!

Ask yourself if you are still choosing from past conditioning or if are you making conscious choices for a healthier, happier, and more prosperous future.

Success is a balance between your spiritual and financial states.

Only when you feel equally successful in both aspects of your life will you feel balanced and more confident because both areas of your life balance each other.

It’s like when you ride a bike with two equally inflated wheels: your journey is balanced and enjoyable.

This is the only way to live free: financially, mentally, and emotionally. Your life, your terms!

In all future contracts, whether personal or professional, you write focussed on both short-term and long-term gains.

I want to assure you that you will never get more than you can handle at any time. Time and money are both feelings, and you are not bound by either.

You are always free to take a break and rewrite any contract you need to. Give yourself the gift of freedom.

You live life on your own terms, on your own, with others, at work, at home, and on the road. You love, serve, play, and rest all on your own terms. Now that’s a free life, the Buddha way!

You are no longer controlled by your karma but instead, rule it.

Because you can’t control the world or be in charge of everything in your world, you know when to hold on and when to let go in every situation, gracefully while smiling.

This is a great way to live, and in my model of the world, it is the only way to live. Your work is how you serve your fellow humans. This is more than making a living. This is living while doing what you do best.

When you learn to take breaks, both planned and unplanned, this is life mastery at its best. You model for others your expectations of yourself and those who matter to you and to anyone else who’s watching and learning from you.

This is how leaders are made, not through speeches of motivation but inspiring action!

There’s time to sow, time to nurture, time to harvest, and time to rest, and you honor each of those times that is right for you.

You are not an island, as my teacher Thay says, we are always interconnected — we are inter-beings, we are inter-are.

Every inhalation of yours is someone’s exhalation, and your exhalation is someone’s inhalation. Your breath connects you to others all the time, whether awake or asleep.

When you must make a choice, make sure you are not rushing into anything. When you come from a state of urgency, desperation, or a personal agenda, you will always lose a little whether you gain anything or not.

As a human, you are addicted to your emotions. Do not let your emotions rule you and steer you into a drama scene you don’t know how to walk away from.

Everything that matters now will have a long-term effect on your life and those that matter to you. When Lincoln fought to abolish slavery, he wasn’t just doing it for the millions of slaves from his time but for all the unborn ones too.

Think about it. Everyone is affected by your choices: you touch the lives of those they touch, and this goes on for as long as humans walk on the earth.

Your only choice is to work on your soul’s purpose, which is to love, play, serve, and be at peace. What is your soul’s purpose? Why are you reading/listening to this now? What can you do or say next that will keep you on the tracks of your soul journey?

How may I help you, serve you, my dear?

Be the light that you are - Working with Coach Keya

Moonrise over the Gulf of Mexico

#4 How to accept the light that you are and shine brighter

Let’s get real here for a moment. Who were you before you were born? How did you look before your parents were conceived? Sit with these queries for a while.

You are nothing more or less than truth, consciousness, and wisdom. You are Knowledge! You are an inspiration. You are both lovable and loving.

Now that’s the truth about you! But do you always stay in this state? No! But I feel it’s a great anchor through your breath, to return anytime, anywhere when you are hurting.

When your thoughts, feelings, and knowing are integrated and aligned, you feel free.

Throughout the day, I experience flashes of freedom, but then I slip. The ego mind takes over and drags me into the ‘what-ifs’ of my ego. That is the nature of our human mess.

Your human mess is your humanness.

When you own it, you are free to live your life liberated. As long as I fought my mess and tried to get better, feel better, show up properly, and write with my t’s crossed and i’s dotted, that was my ego self who had learned to show up a certain way so I was accepted and told how fabulous I was.

As soon as I let go of that, the pressure was off and I got to be me.

What needs to happen for you to be free to feel “free”, to be you? Tell me your story, I am here ready to listen and let you know that you are not a mistake.

You don’t need to be anybody else when you grow up. You being you is the best you can be. Remember all the other roles are taken. In this reality show called Life, you get to play only You with the script you have been preparing through past lives and handed down from past generations.

OR…. You get to rewrite your script and live a life that is truly you and not marinated in the ego-talk of what-ifs or stewing in juices from previous generations or past lives.

How can you best express yourself?

Once someone said that when he tried to be him he got the chancla, the metaphor of a rotten tomato. It’s because he was expressing himself and expecting to be accepted when he had not accepted himself first completely or learned to practice self-love unconditionally.

The world is your mirror, and you are getting feedback that you might be unwilling to accept.  Each time you hurt, it’s because you are fighting a world that is your unconscious projection.

You are expecting external validation and feeling disappointed. Are you ready to work on your hurt? Do you just want to feel better, or are willing and ready to have a better life?

Self-acceptance happens through self-understanding. You know who you are, why you are here, and what your next step is. The world will only give you what you unconsciously believe you deserve.

In life, there are no failures, only feedback.

And each feedback directs you to your next step. You might not notice it because you are too close to yourself.

You need your personal mirror which will show you things that are in your world without any prejudice. That’s what I do for my clients, and you are welcome to join when you feel that it’s your time to shine.

My purpose is to help you take that next step onward and upwards to a new level of understanding, acceptance, healing, forgiveness, and love.

As your life path guide, I am your teacher and your friend.

Communication is the key to a harmonious relationship, the first one being with yourself.

Hamlet wondered “to be or not to be”.

As a hypnotherapist, coach, and healer, let me assure you that your reality is a result of the inner monologues you have been having with yourself.

Things you have been telling yourself at the unconscious level have been showing up in your life and staring back at you. Some you enjoy and some you don’t, and yet they are all your creation.

You have a story and you want to share it, but you don’t know with whom, how, or when to begin. I invite you to try me!

You are ready for your personal soapbox to stand on and claim your spotlight unapologetic. And if you are saying to yourself, “I am an introvert, I don’t need a soapbox,” even introverts love to be told they are good, don’t they?

If not now, then when? If not with me, then with whom? Go find that person and get started.

You are ready to learn the mysteries of life, see the beauty that’s you, own the brave heart that’s yours, and spill the light that lives in your heart to shine the path for others.

Your heart is burgeoning, and you are a library of wisdom. All you need is to claim it. Let me know when!

As you awaken to the sparkling brilliance that you are, open your eyes to welcome smiling faces and loving hearts into your life.

The time is now! Welcome!

How to handle the pouring rain? Work with Coach Keya

Photo by Christian Lue on

#5 How to handle the “when it rains, it pours” effect

Each of us goes through this, during good times and bad times (and should I mention the ugly times as well?)

Even when good things are happening and the best of the best options are headed your way, you might feel stuck, lost, or overwhelmed not knowing which option to choose from and what could be your next best move.

This is the time when you need someone who can see things for what they are without any emotional enmeshment, ask you the right questions, and help you find the right answers, so you take that right next step. As a tour guide, that’s what I do for those I work with.

Remember, this life is a tour your soul is taking in the form of a human. 

Let this be the best journey ever. When working with me, there’s no question about what to do next, no matter what life doles out.

Know Your WorthWith all the alternatives lying ahead of you, you fear missing out and hence hesitate on what is your next action plan or even step. My job is to help you gain clarity and stay focused on that one thing that’s needed.

It’s like a magic eye picture where everything gets blurred out, and you have a crystal clear vision of what’s right in front of you in the foreground.

My job is to help you have more faith in yourself, so fears don’t stand a chance. All the stuff that you are bypassing now will still be here should you ever decide to return and see what else you could do with your life.

Take a hobby from the past: you choose either to not care about it anymore or pursue the passion now because you have the time and the money.

I used to be a worrier, and I still can be one when I choose to. Worrying to me seems like spinning in circles. There’s always a lot to do, and I am always in action but truly going nowhere and accomplishing nothing.

If you feel like you don’t have what it takes and don’t know what is the next best step, then you need to find someone who can use their intuition so you can stop second-guessing yourself. They can look deeper and guide you. You can simply call me, so I can be that someone for now.

My job is to put blinders on your eyes, so distraction goes bye-bye and you stay focused on the next step towards your goal — your life of full freedom.

Sometimes too much of anything can be just that — too much! Breathe deeply and prioritize your choices and do what is number one on your list for now. If over the next few days or weeks, you need a heart-to-heart, call me!

Alone can be hard, but together we can make it happen! Book your interview now!

The Manifesto - Know Your Worth With Coach keya

#6 Claim your divinity – your true power

You are no more or less than anyone.

There’s a Zen teaching that says “don’t sit to meditate so you can become awakened, sit as if you are the awakened one.” Let that settle into your consciousness.

You are the awakened one, my dear, you truly are.

You have great strength and all you need is the support and accountability to claim it. It’s very easy to get lost in the labors of love when you are in the trenches of your life. It happens to each of us, so why not me, and why not you?

Since you are here, I know you wish that there was a shoulder to stand on, a hand to lift you, or maybe just hold the light higher at the right angle for you to see clearly as you take that next step.

Your energy needs and deserves that boost. 

You have struggled enough and each scar is a memory of the wound when you became a bit stronger. Everything is a cycle and you are in one right now.

If you feel like you are going around in a circle, it might be because you are spiraling upwards. If you are getting tired maybe it’s because you have been doing this for some time on your own.

There were friends and teammates and it was fun back then but now you find yourself alone, maybe tired and lonely too.

Fear isn’t a friend of the fearful alone. Fear is here to stay with the courageous too. The courageous do things despite their fear.

When you find yourself all alone you might feel that courage you had in the past is right now overwhelmed with doubts.

You need to remember to trust yourself. Replace your doubts with convictions, your weaknesses with power, and your scarcity with resourcefulness.

It’s a mind game and you know you can do it, maybe not alone, and that’s where I come in for my clients, students, and you.

There’s no time to lose because money lost can be earned back, while time is gone, it is forever lost. Ask yourself how much longer you will live with your doubts and when is the right time to trust yourself and have that courage you need to be you.

I remember, paying ten thousand dollars to a marketing coach in 2013. Her promise was in a year I would be a #1 international bestselling author. These ten thousand dollars I gave her were part of my inheritance from my parents.

I asked myself “can I keep these ten thousand dollars, and do it on my own in a year?” And, the little voice in me didn’t lie and said: “no you can’t, this is her specialty and this is what she does and you can pay her to do it for you too.” So I paid her and in a year, I became an international best-selling author.

You are good at what you do, not at what I do. So, let me help you be your best version by me being my best.

You are all set and ready for lift-off, all you need is the dynamo that gets you into action – energetically, mentally, and emotionally, so you can experience your lift-off. That is me.

You are ready to move mountains and lift yourself to new heights. All you need to do is accept my help.

Breathe and sense that force of your courage and strength within you, helping you take action with confidence and peace. Feel the power that floods every cell of your being and go be You!

And if in some way, shape, or form you are feeling the nudge to see if I can be the one to your friend, philosopher, and guide then tell me your story and let me get back to you with the link to book your strategy session with me.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Working one on one with Coach Keya

Working with Coach Keya is Serious-Fun!!!

Until then,

I wish you peace, wellness, and happiness,

Much love,

💕Keya Murthy, M.S., C.Ht. 🙏
✨The Coach, Hypnotherapist & Healer
😉(When you pay for one, the other two come for free)

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