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Find Out What’s Keeping You Feeling Stuck, Lost, Or Overwhelmed in One or More Areas of Your Life

Something’s going on and you have tried it all. Now, you need clarity on how to move beyond your circumstances and find authentic happiness. If this is you, then you need your clarity call with Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Keya Murthy, M.S.

Though a clarity session helps both Keya and you gain more clarity on the next steps in your transformational journey. Here’s what’s not covered in your clarity session – divination, speculation, psychic consults, or any guessing games.

Keya Murthy, Spiritual Life Coach

Keya’s Areas of Expertise:

  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Career Success
  • Children’s Issues
  • Family Dynamics
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Grief Recovery
  • Habit Control
  • Learning Skills
  • Mindfulness and Wellbeing
  • Negative Emotions – Sorrow, Blame, Shame, Guilt
  • Relationship Strategies
  • Self-esteem, Self-worth, and Self-Confidence
  • Sleep Problems

Here’s What You Need To Know Before You Book Your Clarity Call With Coach Keya

Keya chooses to work with only a select few as she is 100% serious about helping you get what you want.

  1. You have to be equally serious about getting what you want.
  2. During the clarity call, you will be able to identify without any doubt:
    • what change you seek,
    • what is the price you will pay for not changing and
    • what you are willing and able to invest in terms of time, money, emotion, and energy to create the everlasting change you desire
  3. You need to be 10/10 ready to create the change whether you work with Keya or anyone else.
  4. Working with Keya is not for everyone. Maybe you should shop around before you choose to book your clarity call.
  5. If Keya feels she can help you, will you be willing to get started right away?
  6. All sessions are conducted via Zoom. If you want to record the session for personal use, then you will need to log in from your computer that has a microphone and a camera. Cell phones cannot record zoom sessions.
  7. If you do not want to get on camera for the clarity call, you can call one of the listed numbers on the email to have your clarity call.
  8. After you book your call, your personal link for the call will be emailed to you. This call cannot be rescheduled or canceled for a refund.
  9. Every session you have with Coach Keya is 100% Confidential. Guaranteed!
  10. Finally, if you choose to work with Keya after this call, the $75 you pay towards this call will be put towards your first session. You can use your FSA or HSA cards to use for your payment.

Now, if you feel you are ready for that clarity call, book it now. I look forward to hearing from you.

Disclosure: Some cases might need referrals from your doctor or psychologist.

Life-Changing Results
that Speak for Themselves

Keya is the best ever. She helped me to overcome a lot of issues I was having. She's a great person and cares about her clients. She works with each person one-on-one and using a variety of techniques. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

– Amber Workman

Keya is a truly inspired individual and teacher. She provides clarity to whatever issue you need assistance working through and creates manageable steps to guiding you forward. She is extremely knowledgeable in so many disciplines and utilizes her skills in a straightforward way to provide you with measurable progress. Working with her has been a true blessing.

– Rachel Hunt

Keya is a wonderful mentor and life coach. I tried conventional therapy and it helped a little but Keya definitely helped me find my true path. If life is moving like choppy waters and your lose course, Keya will help you sail in the correct direction in a nurturing fashion. If you truly want to learn then this is the you need this in your life, that pretty much means everyone.

- Tony Ramirez

Keya has coached me to get connected with my true self, my soul and spirit. I was in an empty space floating uninspired through life ... consciously avoiding to say "my" life. Keya was able to guide me to find the gateways to my soul. I feel again alive and especially in charge of my life. She has a tremendous gift to connect on a deeper level and effortlessly bring out the truths of our pains to the surface. Then she guides you to evolve your own healing methods onto a new happier life path. Thank you, Keya!

- Dirk Koenig

She has reinforced my thinking and has given me the tools to deal with several issues ranging from Health to Anxiety to family issues to relationships, etc. If you are at a mental or physical or any roadblock in your life, go see Keya.

-Antonio Delgado

Coach Keya has changed my life. Since the moment I found her page I felt the magic around it. As soon as I walked into her presence I instantly felt at peace and at home. I knew at that moment that I could conquer, overcome, create or experience anything I wanted to, with the right guide and the right tools. The tools and techniques that she has thought me have been so powerful and accurate yet simple... I am very grateful for having her in my life.

- Antonella Sanchez