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Last Updated On:  January 2, 2021

How to Stay Focused and Achieve Your Goals - 5 Prerequisites

By Coach Keya

how to stay focused and achieve your goals

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Clarity is a pre-requisite before you begin to wonder how to stay focused and achieve your goals. Here Coach Keya takes you through the "before", "during" and "after" of getting your goals process.

5 simple steps on how to stay focused and achieve your goals

Do you have a dream, a wish, a fantasy, a whim, something if "is true", you would feel better about yourself?

#1 Wanting it is the first step of the path of how to stay focused and achieve your goals

First and foremost you have to want it. According to my model of the world, your needs will always be met. It's your wants that will stretch you. If you want something, it means you do not have it right now.

Something somewhere caught your fancy and now you want it. It could be an experience, a possession, an accomplishment, a feeling, or a fantasy. Without any bias or judgment, you have to want it before focusing on it or aiming to achieve it, the "it" being your goal.

Your wants come from your subconscious, from unfulfilled desires. It arises from discontentment, a form of emotional ailment. In this case, your ailment is positive, and here's why. Your want is something that will stretch you to be more, do more, and have more; and this is a very good thing.


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As long as your want is not endless, in other words, is a goal and does not take on the form of greed, it is healthy. So long as you are in control of your want and your want isn't controlling you, you are in charge of your want. Also, you can stop wanting whenever you want to and this is what you need to remember. Because you want something now doesn't mean you have to or will want it forever. Wants are fascinating and necessary for healthy living. Gaining clarity on your want will help you get clarity and closer to it. Want your goal badly enough in order to get to the next step of achieving it.

This want will help you emotionally and intellectually gain clarity on whether it is worth pursuing and achieving.

#2 Wishing for your want is the next step in How To Stay Focused And Achieve Your Goals


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Now that you know you want it, you have to wish for it. Whatever you consider as a superstition, go for it. An eyelash, a dandelion, a star, a meteor, make a wish upon whatever you find or feel like, you have to wish for your goal to be achieved. Doing this sends out signals to the universe that you are serious about achieving your goal.

You are mindful about each step reinforces your belief system and takes you closer to your goal. Believing in yourself is crucial for achieving anything in life. The more signs that show up in your everyday happenings, the more your belief is reinforced that you are meant to achieve your goals.

Wishing could be considered less than by a skeptic. But if adding wishing to wanting could get you closer to your goals, why not wish it too into reality.

#3 Hope is the third step on how to stay focused and achieve your goals


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Hope, to me, often feels like an illusion but it surely keeps the world alive. It isn't tangible or concrete in any way, and can never be measured. Yet, it gives meaning to life and makes you want to pursue your dreams.

Hope is like a silver lining behind every dark cloud. It is like the grey in the sky that lets you know that there is the sun shining brightly beyond the clouds and should any cloud part, the sun will shine right through.

It is certain things you take for granted and know to be true, no matter what. Without hope, there can be no purpose to anything and no meaning to life.

When you are working on a goal, you have to have hope that you will achieve your goals. Viktor Frankl, when in the concentration camp, saw people with no hope for life, lie down and give up on everything, and eventually embrace the death they were awaiting. And then, there were those with hope, who woke up each morning and went about their day, and one day someone came and set them free from the camp.

What's the difference between the prisoner who died in the camp and the other who got liberated? One gave up on hope and the other held on to it.

#4 Dreaming is the fourth ingredient on how to stay focused and achieve your goals


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You have to dream huge and dream large. Your unconscious mind can dream up a dream and make it seem real during your sleeping hours.

Think of the time when you are barely waking up, do you ever doubt your dream? Or, do you feel your dream is real and your surroundings is an illusion?

Now, if you have done your affirmations before bedtime, and all other rituals that are more aligned with you achieving your goals, then you can use your sleep time to reprogram your subconscious to get closer to getting your goals.

Yes, my dear, you can use your dream time to achieve your goals. Your dream time happens in your subconscious mind. This is where you can dream up anything. You can do anything, be anyone, have anything. Your greatest powerhouse is your subconscious mind. Learning to use your dream time is the game-changer when it comes to mastering how to stay focused and achieve your goals.

#5 When you begin doing it, in other words, following the laid out action steps, this is the last and final step on how to stay focused and achieve your goals

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You need a game plan if you must master the process of how to stay focused and achieve your goals. First things first. If you have come so far, you must believe it with all your soul and heart; every fiber of your being and within in each atom of your body that each step you take, takes you one step closer to your goal.

In order to know where you want to go, you have to know where you are. This is your first step. Pretend where you are is point A and where you want to go is point B. Now draw a map from point A to point B, laying out each step, noting each bend and turn, and of course, learning of your territory, so you can remain flexible to change course should you need to.

Anyway bottom line, you have to show up each day, it is your goal-getting journey after all, and do whatever it takes to go from where you are right here and now to the next place you need to be before sundown.

Goals are not just for new years, quarters, seasons, months, or weeks. Anyday can be that day when you can work on a goal. If you feel I could in any way, form, shape, or fashion help you on how to stay focused and achieve your goals let me know!

Until then, stay well and take care,

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P.S.: I am Coach Keya and I'm a Spiritual Life Coach and accredited Hypnotherapist. If you like breaking through the things that are distracting you from reaching your goals then schedule some time here. And, don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter here.

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