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Last Updated On:  January 3, 2022

8 Easy Steps To Minimalism — How To Be A Minimalist

By Coach Keya

What is the 8 Easy Steps To Minimalism?

Minimalism is all about maximizing your space and this is the perfect way to do this.

When doing this, you can also get rid of any duplicate items you might have that you don't use but just have.

You can keep some sentimental items but make sure it's only things you really can't live without.

According to Keya Murthy, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Life Coach, you shouldn't hold onto things you think you might or will use in the future because if you don't use them now, you probably won't in the future.

"Things that have memories attached to them, will weigh you down, will slow you down, will hold you back in life," Murthy explains. "If you want to live in light then live light."

Of course, the tough part is deciding what's worth keeping and what you need to part with.

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