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Last Updated On:  November 17, 2014

Are you happy?

By Coach Keya

This morning I feel like a wild goose cackling away happily flying. At times I find my flock flying alone and at times I fly alone by myself, I know where I come from and I know where I am headed. At times I am like Jonathan Livingston Seagull, flying higher and finding friends. I am above the storm and at times I am in the eye of the storm. Sure I find myself at times in the middle of torrential rain. This rain is meaningful. It makes me cleaner, shinny and lighter.

Sure sometimes I am like the albatross with its maximum wingspan gliding over the ocean. It is a feat that I am constantly willing and able to accomplish because greater teachers help me show me the path.

Speaking of teachers I have something to share. Like you, at times I put a teacher up on a pedestal. And then I learn and move on and down comes the teacher tumbling down. Since I pay for my teachers, I recently found on Quickbooks that anyone I pay is a Vendor. It felt funny calling a teacher a vendor, but the moment I did it, a huge calm came in and settled over me. I realized a teacher is in the business of teaching. They are a vendor. I was so grateful for my vendors who were serving me in my mission to get better and be of higher service. Right away I became OK with all my teachers and myself.

I am happy, are you?


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