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Last Updated On:  February 12, 2012

How hypnotherapy helps

By Coach Keya

How hypnotherapy helps? Bliss through Hypnosis

Last night we heard that Whitney Houston the mega pop star passed away. A star disintegrated into dust. My first response was this is common news when we hear of someone famous from the glittery world eventually passes away struggling with addiction. As a student of physics I am familiar with the phenomenon where a once super nova turns into a black hole. I love watching meteor showers even today. So I am aware of the process of creation and recycling.

In the Santana dharma (the way of living) in the west known as the Hindu religion), we have the holy trinity Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva: the Creator, the Sustainor, the Recycler. I have always wondered what is more important, how you live or how you die? If you have lived well, does it matter how you die? If you die in dignity and honor, does it matter how you live? To me: both are important. I believe that death is an integral part of life. Global leaders like Gandhi, Lincoln, Kennedy, Mandela, Mr King they all fell to the bullet. Does that make them lesser or better humans?

Ms Houston was born in 1963 which is the year of rabbit in the chinese calendar. Every animal has a spirit, a medicine. A Rabbit has a medicine too. Everyone loves the rabbit and a rabbit loves everybody. A rabbit is also food for many animals and hence it lives under fear. It is hard to work your medicine when you are the food for so many. In fact a nadi reader from south India can chart the journey of any soul with extreme precision and accuracy. The bible says that a person's life is dreamed even before they are conceived. So my question here is how much control does one have over they destiny. How much effort can one make to live to their fullest potential, which is the pure form, the blemishless soul?

I think it is possible, but we must work towards it. Our karmas will always catch up with us. Our actions bear fruit. Since we are all in our purest form perfect, our action is so important to decide our destiny. We create the surroundings that support us. We cannot blame anyone or anything for where we are or what we have to do. I have seen people with no electricity studying under street lights and topping the university exams. It is our determination and discipline that decides our destiny.

When a person reaches their height of fame and fortune they must still remain humble and believe that is the power of God that breathes through them and hence they have what they have. For someone who does not believe in God, must still know that without the fans a star is nobody. We all are who we are because of the service provided by everyone else around us. The people who work to keep the roads, the electricity, the water, the sewer cleaner, the police force, the doctors, the hospitals, the dentist, the grocer, the farmer, the tax man, the teachers, people we may never see in person or stop to include in our prayers every night do make sure that we can be the best we can be because they are being the best they can be. It is so important to have that humility and know that we are because everyone is.

So what do we do, when temptation arises? What do we do when we realize that we are on a path that does not seem to have light at the other end? We stand up and be brave and ask for help, support, guidance. Without a support system it is way to hard to do it on our own. When a fish is sick, we treat the tank. If your system is not supporting you to be who you are meant to be, then find a system that will support you. Keep looking till you find it. When you find it, then keep it.

Our memories are always either positive or negative. Things that are not happy or sad we never remember. So basically there is a charge to all our memories. Our memories make us react. This reaction when occuring often creates a behavior. A behavior repeated a few times becomes a habit. A habit in excess becomes an addiction.

At any point there is relief, we can recover. There is traditional therapy which takes time and needs a willing participant. And then there is hypnotherapy, which works with our subconscious mind which is 88% of who we are. It takes less time and creates longer lasting results. Your choice!

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