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Last Updated On:  November 17, 2012

Allow me to rest...

By Coach Keya

teri aankhon mein rukna hai raat bhar ke liye, faraz...
main toh ek khwaab hoon, subah chalaa jaoonga...

allow me to rest in your eyes for the night, faraz...
i am a mere dream, i shall leave in the morn...

It is raining after a long time and still continuing
I am lazy, meditative,
even after a cup of tea,
and divine chants,
the mind strays and wanders
and finds nowhere to rest
So here I am, you and me,
conversing through the words that pour out of my fingers,
which shall see you when they cross your screen.

Life without distractions is a hassle as well
Silence is deafening
when the world is quiet
and your soul speaks

Yesterday I shared a path
Today we walk our own
The road to our destination curves
up distant hills and down unknown valleys

Living lives in moments shared
a fleeting kiss
a lingering hug
a warm gaze
a line crossed

We crave our time and then when it comes
we know not how to dress it... 

- Warmly Keya

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