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Last Updated On:  June 11, 2019

Stop self-sabotage. Be a realistic dreamer!

By Coach Keya


Each morning I wake up to a few brilliant ideas. Generally, most of them fade soon. By noon, if I have a couple that I am still holding on to, I am thrilled. For the most part, each of these ideas is an after-effect of waking up from my dream time. In addition to subconscious needs, your dreams are a reflection of your higher consciousness.

I feel like making dreams come true

Got Dreams?

Usually, your dreams are promises from the past you made to yourself.


To begin with, ask yourself "Am I a purist? A perfectionist? Do I stray into the realm of procrastination by nature? Do I like things to be the best they can be? Each time I revisit my work, do I find ways to make it different? Do I say to myself 'different is better'?" Is it really? Finding it hard to complete a project keeps you busy, but does it bring you fulfillment?

Have you ever felt distracted when you are working on a goal? Maybe you decide to look for a new job. Soon your boss says that he is thinking of a position with more responsibilities for you. Or you know your relationship isn’t working out and your partner brings you flowers.

You may say to yourself: “Oh! This job isn’t so bad at all. They want to promote me.” Or “My partner appreciates me.”

How does this happen? When you let go of expectations from a situation and are ready to move on, someone steps in to make you feel wanted. Is it true? Your unconscious sends out signals that the good you do not deserve the good you seek. The inner saboteur takes over and you get complacent. You settle for little benefits and short-term gains. Your dreams get released to return to the distant place where they arose.


A caller once asked me “I am thinking of breaking up. Should I stay or leave?” Without blinking or taking another breath I uttered: “Leave!” I was on the show Rico and Mambo, a local talk show. “Coach K! They say try, why would you say leave?" Rico couldn't withhold his shock. My response: “Nothing is forever. Leave now. If later you feel you are in love again, remarry the same person. There’s no law against it.”

If you feel you must do something different, do not allow distractions to take over. They make you settle or repeat yourself. Remember settling is only for the dead and dust. My friend Jim Rohn used to say “You are not a tree. You don’t have roots to stay stuck. Move!”

When you follow your dream and decide to take a risk, you always gain. No one gained anything without taking a risk. Your willingness to do whatever it takes to get your goal is all you need. This sends signals to the universe that you are ready to receive whatever it is that you seek.

For the most part, receiving is different than taking. Generally, taking is a physical activity while receiving is spiritual. What you take loses its charm over time. What you receive becomes a part of you and stays with you forever.

Finally, the inner saboteur is another aspect of your inner critic. It always wants you to be safe. But you never have fun playing safe.

In short, if you must choose between a dream and a distraction, ask yourself “what feeds my soul and what depletes it?” Always choose what feeds your soul and you will know that you are right.

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