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Last Updated On:  December 20, 2021

How To Get Help With Abusive Relationships - Without Understanding You Can't Take Action

By Coach Keya

How to get help with abusive relationships is a common question for those who grew up in abusive households. Abuse could be amidst siblings which parents did not do much to protect one from the other.

How To Get Help With Abusive Relationships?

Lying is not the answer. Though it will get you the attention and sometimes it's not what you want.

“Nearly all abuse continues because the victim has no one to turn to who can protect them,” says Life Coach Keya Murthy.

“Abusers should be allowed to report abuse incognito. Just reporting isn’t enough because the abuser might increase their degree of abuse.”

The kinds of protection campaigners are seeking would eliminate some of the concerns around reporting abuse but law enforcement need training in order to protect survivors on a long-term basis.

As Murthy says, “The victim needs someone to talk to who will hear them out and give them strategies to prevent, reduce and escape abuse should it happen again.”

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If you are struggling with an abusive partner, you can book a clarity call with Spiritual Life Coach Keya Murthy to gain clarity on your situation and your next steps.


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