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Last Updated On:  November 23, 2022

How Your Moon Sign's Zodiac Element Affects Your Mood Each Month

By Coach Keya

The position the Moon was in the sky at the time you were born has a lasting effect on your mood and personality, as it determines your Moon sign.

For the skeptics out here, you might have heard that the tides are highest during a New or Full Moon. Scientifically speaking, like the Earth's surface — which is approximately three-quarters water — your body is about 60% water. So, if the Moon can pull the ocean toward it and create enormous waves when it's full, imagine what it does to your body.

The Moon, along with Neptune and Pluto, is one of three water points in astrology, but your Moon sign is also affected by it's specific zodiac element.

Broadly speaking, there are four zodiac elements — Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.

Each zodiac sign corresponds to one of these four elements, as does each of any given year's 12 Moons.

You might notice someone born under a Leo Moon sign comes across as different than someone born under an Aries Moon or a Sagittarius Moon. Similarly, someone born under a Water sign will experience any given Earth Moon differently than will someone born under a Fire sign. Your emotions fluctuate with the Moon’s positioning. Nothing lasts forever, including your emotions.

In order to apply all of this to your life, you need to know your Moon sign and how its corresponding zodiac element affects you.

How zodiac elements affect of the Moon signs

Earth Moon Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

When the Moon is traveling through one of the Earth signs, you feel more task-oriented and can get things done easier than at other times.

If you were born under an Earth Moon sign, during a Water Moon, you will feel nourished, an Air Moon will make you feel lighter, more talkative, and ungrounded, and a Fire Moon will make you bring up fiery emotions which might surprise you.

An Earth Moon sign is typically happy during an Earth Moon because you will get a lot done.

Water Moon Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

The Moon in one of the Water signs might make you more emotional, and either withdrawn or over-expressive. To keep the balance these are great days to go within and meditate. You will love to hang out with those you feel emotionally close to.

A Water Moon sign feels great when the Moon is in an Earth sign because you feel less dreamy and more stable. The Moon in an Air sign will make an Air sign feel slightly unsettled, while the Moon in a Fire sign will make you feel overwhelmed since fire and water are not compatible.

A watery Moon is where you are at home, laid back and dreamy.

Fire Moon Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

The Moon in one of the Fire signs could make you feel especially passionate, enhance your good looks, and tempt you to spend more money. You might experience temper tantrums either in you or around you or both.

If you were born under a Fire Moon sign, a Moon in an Earth sign will make you feel accomplished, a Moon in an Air sign might make you feel nourished and give you permission to shine brighter, and a Moon in a Water sign might make you want to indulge more than usual (if that’s possible for a Fire sign).

Air Moon Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

When the Moon is in one of the Air signs, you might feel flooded with ideas, inspiration, and a lot of words, either listening or sharing them. If you find yourself talking a lot or engaged in a conversation more than usual, the Moon is probably in an Air sign. And if you are a writer, this kind of Moon is your best friend.

If you were born under an Air Moon sign, an Earth Moon might make you feel stuck, a Water Moon could make you feel uncertain, and a Fire Moon might make you want to be with someone so badly that even a stranger might feel like a friend to you.

In summary, if you tend to wonder why some days are awesome, some are the opposite, and some are ‘whatever,' it could be because your emotions are in sync with the element of the current Moon.

Understanding this can teach you a lot about yourself and allow you to plan accordingly, taking into account your potential emotions during any given time period.

When you know when to sow, when to nurture, when to harvest, and when to rest within any given 28-day cycle, your days, weeks, months, and years will be less stressful.


Keya Murthy, M.S., works as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Life Coach, and Energy Medicine Practitioner at the Ventura Healing Center, as well as a number #1 international bestselling author on Amazon.

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