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Last Updated On:  December 11, 2012

Overcoming Resistance using Hypnosis

By Coach Keya for 30 minutes strategy session

Success Coaching : Career & Relationships

Overcoming Resistance using Hypnosis

Have you ever wondered how right actions lead to wrong results? We think something is right to do and then we know the results we get are wrong. What is it that creates this discord? How is it possible for things to go wrong in this world, in this life?

We have an internal voice that tells us what to do and what not to do. We often ignore it for it is just a little voice.  And then we tell ourselves, I should have listened to that voice. I hear women say this all the time. I am not sure if men go through this or no, I am sure in a way intuition isn’t a privilege of women alone. When things do not go the way we want it, we also start looking for reasons. In the old paradigm we played the blame game. We blame the situation, the surroundings or we blame ourselves, our judgment, our fate, our lack of resources (time, money, knowledge, understanding) etc.

In Buddhism, there is the law of causality, which loosely translated states that everything happens for a reason and whatever happens is the cause for other things to happen. My artist friend Natalie says “…make your world colorful for all those who surround you and always go out of the lines” There is no reason to color by numbers all the time, nor should we always remain within the lines. Look at the way children use color. They are always doing something different and bringing color to their own world. Over time we learn not to do so, and stay within the limits set by conditions.

Often we find a lamp will go off, and it is not because of the breeze, it is just because it ran out of oil. There are so many reasons, things happen. We need to know all the reasons before we come to a conclusion. And more often than not, we cannot find all the reasons. Hence it is wise to learn our lessons from what we know and start all over again. Will we get what we are seeking? Not always. But each time we begin, we get closer to our desired results.

So next time, you feel a resistance coming up, go within and dialog with it. Life isn’t always about great things; it is also about appreciating small things. Small things put together create great things. The conversation one has with oneself is self-hypnosis.

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