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Last Updated On:  November 24, 2021

Chemistry Between Two People Depends On These 5 Traits

By Coach Keya

What are the traits to know the chemistry between two people?

After being with someone for a while, you might start to wonder if you have that fabled romantic chemistry.

There is no exact science as to what causes chemistry between two people (in spite of the fact that it has the word “chemistry” in it), but there are some traits that a relationship with strong romantic chemistry should have..

None of these traits are the kinds of things that can be forced. As with any relationship, communication and effort are essential to fostering growth and to create chemistry but, as Clinical Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Life Coach Keya Murthy puts it, “You can’t fake it. If two chemicals will react with each other is part of the inherent quality of the chemicals. For humans too, it is just that. Either you two have romantic chemistry or you don’t”

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