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Last Updated On:  February 10, 2023

How to have more love in your life?

By Coach Keya

a bunch of roses

Ready to bring more love into your life?

The topic for today is self-love….

What do you do out of self-love? Since love is reflected through actions, I am kicking up my game to another notch. Like my coach says, I am going through an intense self-master class.

I can’t do anything without practicing self-love that will make my life seem seamless.

To live a life of Sahaj-Yog a term in Sanskrit that means effortless living, I have to practice self-love in each breath, each moment.

Anytime I am not practicing self-love, I see my shadows show up. My judgment, my words, and my emotions are unappealing even to me. It’s a reflection of what's not working within me.

When people are not being nice to me, it’s a reflection of my own internal what's negative within me or in polite terms a projection of my shadow self.

Without calling out things for what they are, there is no way you can stop your pain without medicine. If you have been taking pain pills or medication for anything that is chronic in nature, that’s only symptomatic relief.

The cause of your pain, whether it is physical, financial, in your work or relationships, is all within you ever alive and ever at work until you grow stronger than your troubles and win your battles.

If you feel one boss is giving you trouble and you will find another one, how long will it be before you get into trouble at your second workplace?

Heart of Fire

Are you willing to let go of your struggles with loving yourself?

If you feel your current partner is a narcissist and you will find someone else who is not, unless you have worked on your relationship issues at the deepest level, you will not have resolved your relationship challenges. You might replace one partner with another and believe everything to be good and dandy and it is only because you are still in your honeymoon stage.

As soon as your honeymoon is over, you will start remembering your ex, because your new partner is reminding you of the past.

The only solution to all life’s challenges is the daily diligence of your engaging in the practice of self-love. And, love is compassion in action, love is respect in action.

Whatever you do, if you are not doing it because you love yourself, you will get short-term results and in the long term, you might have regrets and disappointments.

Since this is the month when we get to celebrate Valentine’s day, let us also learn to increase the love we feel for ourselves.

I am working on mine, and I want to help you work on yourself.

Are you serious about your boss, your colleagues, your landlord, your banker, your children, your siblings, your partner, your parents, and every other person you interact with showing less judgment and more compassion towards you and being more respectful towards you than in your past?

Let’s connect and work together on making true love a reality for you, beginning now!


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