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Monthly Half-Day Retreats & More...

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Satsang is an Indian word meaning ‘Sacred Gathering.’

Once a month, you gather with other Braveheart souls to explore a theme in a ½ day retreat.

This is for you if: 

  • You are a heart-centered person,
  • You need space to feel supported and guided to be your best version and live your best life. (You know it doesn’t happen on its own.)
  • You need hand-holding and a safe space where you can share and feel nurtured so you can flourish in life. (You have questions and you need answers.)

Our topic for our next Satsang retreat is:

Spring Equinox Rituals That Can Help You
Achieve More Balance in Your Life

Saturday, March 11, 2023
10am – 1pm PT / 1pm – 4pm ET / 6pm – 9pm GMT

Saturday, March 11, 2023
10am – 1pm PT /
1pm – 4pm ET /
6pm – 9pm GMT

Spring Equinox Rituals That Can Help You Achieve More Balance In Your Life

There’s so much that can be done to bring balance to your life. Before you focus on balance you need to be aware of what’s out of balance in your life.

It can’t be the generic work-life balance or home-work balance or work-home balance.

When you think generic, you get generic. When you can think bigger and better than what the media feeds you, you can expect and create more than what the world is chasing.

And remember what you chase, runs from you, evades you.

What you need is focused attention and intention. And focus can happen only after you have clarity as to what you need.

There are many sets of opposites: Masculine-Feminine, those suffering – those happy, those enlightened – those not enlightened, strength-weakness, focus-confusion, chaos-clarity… you get the drift.

If you are thinking rich-poor, healthy-sick, married-single, working-jobless that is opposites in the physical world, try thinking beyond the physical.

Would you rather be a confused person working or someone who is working with focus? If your doctor says nothing is wrong with you, but you feel weak then what is going on? You are weak and healthy and is that even possible? Weakness and healthy are opposite ends of the spectrum. How do you bring these opposites to balance? How to create what you feel aligned with your physical reality?

Let’s connect on March 11th at the Satsang and create a new reality for you.

Until then….

Love + Peace + Blessings,

Keya Murthy, M.S., C.Ht.,

Coach, Hypnotherapist, Healer

This type of session is fabulous. My favorite part about a group is that if you do not feel or want to share, you don't have to! And just being there in that space makes you feel better already. And you gain knowledge and healing just from the safe space and good advice that Keya shares. Even if you are not comfortable sharing.

In some ways, it is almost better for me. I was coming in just hoping to just feel safe, and not necessarily have to confront or address my concerns or issues. But since it felt like just Keya and me, I had to!

  • Brett H.

How does it work?

In each Satsang retreat, we dig deeper into a new topic and explore how you can have the best month ever when this one aspect of your life has been taken care of. 

Topics may include:

  • practicing self-love and improving your relationships
  • how to experience joy more often
  • creating positive lifelong memories
  • how to be more efficient
  • facing your biggest fear
  • and more!

The monthly Braveheart Satsang Retreat will be held on the 2nd Saturday each month at 10am PT via Zoom.

This is a  ½ day dedicated to hanging out with Coach Keya in a community of others like you on their path of personal growth and spiritual evolution

Every participant gets to experience Braveheart Coaching in a personal love seat. I encourage you to take yours, bring in your doubts, concerns, and questions, and walk away with solutions. The more you open up, the more you receive.

I love seeing your beautiful face, so turn on your camera. But if you are camera-shy, I understand. You can also dial in via phone, but then you will miss out on the visuals.

Each Satsang retreat always delivers a straight talk. You'll receive:

  • an oracle reading
  • healing 
  • meditation and 
  • gentle hypnosis to integrate all the lessons from the class. 

You will leave the Satsang smarter, stronger, and wiser.

The drop-in price is $97. When you make the commitment to gather with us monthly for the full year, the investment is only $997 (saving 15%). That’s two months free!

Become a Member

When you commit to participating for a full year, you will:

  • Set your intention for the next 12 months and have fun along the way
  • Have a safe and sacred space where you can heal, learn, get better, feel better, and flourish 
  • Feel seen, heard, and understood each time you attend, no matter what despair or crises you are having right now.
  • Mastermind with others on a similar path and share your struggles and victories with them.
  • Learn life mastery by letting go of emotional baggage.
  • Experience breakthroughs 
  • Gain clarity, focus, purpose, direction and fulfillment
  • Thrive unapologetically

That is my mission, promise, and blessing for you when we work together.

transformation is an inside job!

Is this right for me?

First, this is not for:

  • the faint of heart
  • those seeking a quick fix
  • anyone offended by straight talk
  • seeking revenge but calling it justice

So, who is this for?

  • You have hurt enough and are ready to move on so you can live a happier life, one day at a time
  • You crave freedom and don’t know where or how to find it but now feels like the right time to work on your personal freedom and a brighter future
  • You are sick and tired of being sick and tired and now are ready to feel strong and healthy
  • You are a heart-centered person and are ready to meet people who are like you: caring, warm, and fun
  • You hate wasting time and are ready for straight talk
  • You are open to receiving healing, support, and guidance for a better life
  • You need clarity, focus, purpose, and direction so you can flourish and thrive in life  

I loved the session. It’s nice to meet and interact with others and learn from their stories. The meditation and card reading were wonderful too. I am writing down my affirmations daily. Please count me in for the new community.

With love and gratitude,

Membership Includes

When you commit to participating for a full year, you get:

  • A Coach who is also a Therapist and a Healer, so the focus is on your desired future through healing your past and working on your present circumstances.
  • 12 monthly personal retreats where you get to celebrate life right from your own home without having to travel or book a hotel.
  • 1-on-1 immersive love-seat in each retreat: all your doubts, concerns, and questions are answered, and you walk away with action steps towards a solution
  • An online community where everyone roots for you and is vested in you having a healthier, peaceful, prosperous, and happier life
  • Ongoing support in between retreats with weekly inspirations and daily response to your doubts, concerns and queries from Keya in a private forum
  • 10% discount on all your 1-on-1 sessions with Keya when you need extra support

Braveheart Satsang Membership
with Coach Keya

Monthly Half-Day Retreats and more...

Spring Equinox Rituals That Can Help You
Achieve More Balance in Your Life

Saturday, March 11, 2023
10am – 1pm PT / 1pm – 4pm ET / 6pm – 9pm GMT

Saturday, March 11, 2023
10am – 1pm PT /
1pm – 4pm ET /
6pm – 9pm GMT

Become an Annual Member
12 Monthly Retreats — 2 months free!
+ 10% discount on all other services


What Students Are Saying

Feeling lighter, like I let go of something I didn't even know I was holding.

- Liz B.

I really enjoyed our session together. You performed a little bit of magic which I enjoyed. You were able to stimulate my kundalini by remote which made me think you might be able to give shaktipat. Thanks and much love to you.

- William F.

I liked hearing others' stories and I liked the 2023 exercise you walked us through.

- Lindsay C.

Meet Coach Keya

Hi! Here’s a little bit about me…

After pursuing an undergraduate degree in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics and a master’s program in Computer Science, I spent 16 years working in the Information and
Technology industry in various positions as a software engineer, systems analyst and architect, and project manager. In 2001, with the terrorist strike on the twin towers of New York, my life and career took a turn along with many others.

I found myself jobless and returned to school. Slowly and steadily, from square one, I built another career as a hypnotherapist, healer, and spiritual life coach.

Since 2005, I have professionally worked with thousands and helped heal their hearts, achieve their goals and find their equilibrium.

Each year, I enrolled in a new curriculum and have been adding more tools to my toolkit to help my clients and students live powerful, beautiful, and free lives.

A few of my trainings and certifications:

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Trainer and Master Practitioner in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Master Practitioner in Reiki
  • Master Practitioner in Timeline Therapy
  • Master Practitioner in Therapeutic Imagery
  • Practitioner of Angel Imagery
  • Astrologer
  • Yoga teacher
  • Ayurvedic counselor
  • Meditation teacher
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner
  • Huna (Hawaiian Energy Medicine) and Ho’oponopono (Forgiveness Meditation) Teacher

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