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Free Resources

Self-Hypnosis Script for a Good Night's Sleep

Have trouble sleeping? This self-hypnosis script can help you release that old pattern and start learning the new habit of sleeping well at night.

Six Steps to Success Guide

Befriend your highest self, activate greater joy and begin your success journey in any area of your life.

11 Steps to Goal-Getting Course

In this course, I'll walk you through develop and implement actions needed to get your goals. You get clear instructions on investing 15 minutes each day to reprogram your subconscious to break through limitations and yield astounding results.

Weekly Love Notes (aka Email Newsletter)

About once a week, I send guidance, love, and inspiration direct to your email inbox. (People have told me these are the only emails they actually read.)
And new! I'm also sending out smaller bursts of inspiration through text message, so you can sign up for those too.

The Be Happier Podcast

Simple tips and tricks for you to begin experiencing more happiness in your life, one day at a time. Listen on the go!


I've written over 50 articles on relationships, parenting, mental health, stress & overwhelm, hypnosis, astrology, and more!


If you don't see what you're looking for,

let me know! Please write to [email protected] to connect directly with me. I read each email and respond to them myself.


Other Resources & Events

These aren't free but these are lower-cost options if you'd like something more hands-on or in-depth but you aren't sure about/ready for 1-1 work yet.

Healing through Meditation Circles (pay what you can)

Twice a month, on new & full moons, I host a small healing & meditation circle. We gather to share, heal, meditate, and set our intentions for the coming weeks. These gatherings are virtual, so you can join from wherever you are, no travel required.

Monthly Half-Day Satsang Retreats

Once a month, we gather for a half-day retreat, to create a safe space where we can share and feel supported, guided, and nurtured. Each month, we explore a different theme, like improving our relationships, experiencing more joy, facing our fears, and more.


I've written 10 books. They're all available on Amazon.

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