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Finding Joy | Transformational Sessions for Life Mastery | Say No to Long and Lonely Wondering

Finding Joy is an eternal process, for joy seems to be a fleeting sensation. Joy is a natural state of existence and you crave it, find it only to lose it. Masters live in a joy that is palpable.

Finding Joy | Transformational Sessions for Life Mastery | NLP Coaching, Therapeutic Hypnosis & Just Right Healing

Finding Joy working with Coach Keya

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If finding love feels hard, then finding joy is harder. Your journey might seem like you being on an endless bridge swinging in midair in between two tall mountains. If so, welcome to the club of the brave-hearted ones.

Life Mastery is a genuine quest for those who own a brave heart. The world is wild and you do not belong.

Will I claim that I have mastered my life? To be honest, not completely. Also, I have been on this journey for a few decades now, when I left behind a house, a husband, a thriving six-figure career in corporate America to start afresh. I did not abandon my children or my dream. I carried them both along and began joy hunting.

Love what you do and do what you love with Coach Keya

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I didn't want to teach to uninterested students or work for ungrateful employers or serve clients who only came to work because it paid their bills. Life can feel endless and meaningless. I wanted to stop making a living and start living my life while remaining responsible.

I returned to school to learn how I could help myself in my journey of finding joy and help others as well. I knew the answers were in the subconscious mind, just the place where the struggles existed too, stemming from preconditioning, memories, emotions, and belief systems.

Since 2005, when I began my sincere quest to finding joy in life, I simultaneously began working with others and helping them find their joy and in the process achieve some level of life mastery.

Live your life your way working with Coach Keya

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Work-life balance is just that, a balance between two sides. At any time either work is taking more from you or you are giving in to the demands of life and work is suffering. When do you get to or how do you get to live your life your way?

It begins with a decision you make on behalf of your brave heart. You must commit to go the distance and not settle midway. You will need a lot of courage and that's where I step in as your coach and mentor.

I do the heavy lifting for you. I give you my faith, trust, courage, and strength so you can breathe and enjoy the journey of finding joy and mastering life. Life mastery is a combination of personal growth and spiritual evolution. You could metaphorically walk on water and fly through the air.

Walk on Water

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Rise high | Fly through Air

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There is only so much of gazing at sunsets, or a starry night or the navel can one engage in. There comes a time when you must get up and do something about finding joy in life. Life master is just that - it's the journey of looking for the good in each waking moment and not taking it for granted but instead being grateful.

How often have you wondered when joy is your birthright why does it seem so elusive? Is it that illusion and will always remain beyond your reach? You can keep wondering or connect with me and engage in a conversation.

You are not alone. I have been on this quest for decades and worked closely with many to help them find joy. It's the soul that knows, the mind that thinks, and the heart that feels. When all three get aligned life gets easier and you breathe better. You become the master of your own life.

Using principles of subconscious programming, astrology, neurolinguistic programming, energy medicine, and more you learn to talk to that child within, bypass your inner critic, align with your higher consciousness to return to the flow of life.

You heal your spirit, calm your mind, and relax your body to find joy in everything of life. Yes, the old dies, and the new is born. You understand why things happen the way they do. You learn to stop tolerating and start accepting things for what they are and not how they show up as seen through the filter and projections of the mind. You turn on the observer within and live a life that you are always meant to.

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