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Easier Sleep

A guide to easier sleep

Easier Sleep Using HypnosisTo begin with have you heard of the adage: "REST is the Best Medicine?" Well, it's true. Besides, try doing anything else when your body craves rest.  Soon you will realize how ineffective you are compared to when your body is well rested. Usually, different people need a different number of hours to rest.
Ordinarily when you struggle with sleep it is because something within you keeps you up. In particular things that bother you, cause stress show up as money issues, communication challenges or fears. Lastly you could have mastered sleep and hence do not need or can thrive on less.
In short, for your organs to repair themselves, you need to let them rest. For instance if your body is in non-stop flight or fight mode, your cells are depleted of life-giving energy and hence exhaust themselves. When cells in your body cannot replenish themselves with life-giving force they degenerate and over time wither and die, while you are still alive. This is the process of aging.

Definitions of aging (a cause for the inability to fall asleep easily):

Aging is generally defined as the process of growing old.
Aging is mainly caused by lack of restful sleep
In the field of biology aging is defined as time-related deterioration of the physiological functions necessary for survival and fertility. Characteristics of aging affect all individuals of a species. Diseases of aging are cancer and heart disease.
Psychologists define aging as the changes that occur with maturation. Maturation here doesn’t mean growing knowledgeable, kinder or smarter. Maturation here means a mental decline that “normally” occurs as a part of growing old, also an intellectual decline and increases problems associated with aging.

Reasons for inability to enjoy an easier sleep:

Stress is the source of almost all diseases. Generally anything that keeps you at bay from ease is a dis-ease. The source of your sleeplessness can be categorized broadly as due to your: Stress is caused by negative emotions
  • Health and/or fitness
  • Work situation
  • Relationships:
    • Intimate or lack of
    • Personal (friend, a family member from your family of choice, the family of origin, or one you created through birth, adoption, marriage (law), etc.)
    • Professional (someone or a group of at work, vendor, client etc.)
    • Community (neighborhood, government, religion, ethnic intolerance, etc.)
  • Finances

Things to think so you can be honest about why you can't enjoy easier sleep:

When did you learn not to sleep?
First of all, you have to understand what keeps you up. Your body or your mind could be amped up. At times you feel exhausted and yet sleep evades you. So, what next? To keep it doable let’s focus on a few easy things that don't overwhelm you. Pick one item from the following list and stick with it for a few weeks. Add items from the list to your night-time regimen before bed. Over time you might enjoy a healthier, stronger and effortless life.
As a result of working with a professional in a one-on-one session, you learn to enjoy easier sleep over time. In particular you get to destress and do away with whatever prevents you from falling asleep or returning to sleep.
But until you are ready to do work with a professional, here a few quick tips that work for my clients and me. They will help you fall asleep more easily than before and maybe even stay asleep.

Things to do for an easier sleep:

These recommendations are a partial list of tricks that work well for my clients and me.
  1. Herbs and natural supplements
  2. Stick to a bedtime
  3. Cancel television, computer, and any electronic gadget
  4. Say NO to alcohol - Alcohol hurts sleep if you are healthyBegin your journey of easier sleep, starting today
  5. Shower before bed OR Wash from your knee below, dry thoroughly, massage oil or powder your feet
  6. Drink warm water (8-10oz)
  7. Light snacks containing grain
  8. Warm soup with some root vegetables (carrot, beets, potatoes etc.)
  9. Bedtime tea
  10. A light to moderate walk for around 20 minutes
  11. Journaling/Reflections
  12. Reading a real paper book (not electronic form)
  13. Chanting
  14. Meditation
  15. Restorative Yoga
  16. Cooler room at night
  17. Wearing socks to bed
  18. Plain yogurt (4-6oz)
  19. Cup(6-8oz) of warm milk with 1/8 tsp of turmeric powder
By the way, have you been doing one or more of the above and still struggle with a good night’s sleep? In addition to what you already do to fall asleep, you may listen to an audio recording of Hypnosis for sleep and see for yourself if it helps you.
If you would like to explore your options for a personalized recording for a hypnosis session, please book your clarity call to help you decide what is right for you now.
Finally if you are healthy and take alcohol before sleep, you might fall asleep but it will be hard for you to stay asleep.  However alcohol works as a medicine for cold. In addition to your bedtime regimen, one to three teaspoon of brandy or whiskey in a cup of warm water may help you fall asleep if you are suffering from cold.
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