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Last Updated On:  June 21, 2024

3 Steps to Personal Freedom

By Coach Keya

Financial Freedom will not bring you Personal Freedom.

The greatest freedom of all is personal freedom. Money gives you options, but not complete. Walking away from a bad relationship, a work situation, or where you live brings you respite for a while. To truly feel free in your bones and blood, you must work on personal freedom. It's emotional freedom on steroids!

No matter what you are experiencing right now, whether it is grief or joy, anxiety or hope, remember that there are no mistakes. You are in the right place, right now.

In the spirit world, nothing is wrong, so there’s nothing to forgive. You be you and let others be them. Most of us are free citizens in free nations, yet we seek freedom. What are you seeking freedom from? What are you seeking freedom to? And what are you seeking freedom for?

Instead of looking for external agents to help you find your freedom, I know it’s an internal journey.

You must have heard this before: “The only peace you find at the top of the mountain is the peace you carried with you there.”

Freedom, like peace and all other positive experiences, are inward journeys you go on. Go more within so you can soar higher.

How does one do it?

#1 Working on your mental muscles enhances personal freedom

Strong Mind More Personal Freedom

Image Credit: Mylene2401 on Pixabay

When you go to the gym or start a workout regimen, the hardest thing you do is to get started at the scheduled time. The next hardest thing you do is break the tissues in your body, so blood can rush to repair your hurt. You grow sore. And in this process of getting sore, you feel stronger the following day, and you can push yourself harder.

Your brain pumps happy hormones which in turn heal your hurt.

Similarly in life, I urge you to love the narcissists you met. And if you never did, good for you. But I am sure you have felt hurt or sadness sometimes because of something someone said or did. Bless them all.

Because you survived your sorrow, you are stronger now.

Tagore, a poet from India, said, “I ask God not to take away my sorrow. I ask God to make to stronger to endure my sorrow.”

Imagine that!

Now begin kissing all the frogs you meet because you never know which frog will turn into a prince. When you don’t quit on yourself, every failure gets you closer to freedom.

Treat every lesson in life as a learning experience. Flex those mental muscles and grow stronger. Without renewal of your mind, which means the way you think, there can be no transformation.

For things to change, you have to change how you think about your life.

Thoughts do become things. Look around you. Everything around you was once a thought within you.

A strong mind lives in a strong body. And only a strong body can house a strong mind.

When you are feeling physically and mentally strong in your life, you can entertain a million wishes. When you are not feeling strong and healthy, at that time your only wish is to feel stronger and healthier.

Give strength a second thought and watch yourself change each time you make a choice. You get smarter, feel safer, and experience more freedom at all levels.

#2 Flexibility for more personal freedom

Flexibility helps with personal freedom

Image credit: Geralt on Pixabay

In my book of my life, there are a few golden rules of my own. One of them is “the one with the most flexibility within the boundaries is always the winner.”

Before you go about working on your flexibility, know your limits. As a being of consciousness, you are limitless, you are both eternal and infinite. But as a human, you have limits. Know them. Knowing your limits helps you navigate your way in this material world. Your relations, your finances, and your health are all finite.

Once you know your limits, you know yourself. When you know yourself, you won’t hurt yourself. You will learn to love yourself completely and unconditionally.

Knowing your limits helps you gain an unprecedented advantage over everything and everyone in your world. You know how far you can go how much you can do and what you can say.

Knowing what you can and cannot say in a situation, to yourself or someone else, is about communication strategies. As you gain fluency in this arena, that’s mastery.

You think wisely, and you speak beautifully. You cannot go wrong. You are the master because you remain mindful.

What to do and not to do, what to choose, and how to decide is an art, one you master with practice. This is about flexing those doing muscles. Human beings are also human doers.

The more flexible you remain, the more your bendability, the lesser your chances of breaking. You stay grounded as you grow taller and are recognized as the go-to person.

You become free from pettiness and the shackles of the past, both ancestral and personal.  You free yourself from societal conditioning, too.

#3 Remember: positivity is overrated

head heart balance

Image by Damian Niolet on Pixabay

As a physicist, I can guarantee that every positive has an equal and opposite negative.

Each of your emotions is your energy in motion. Different emotions have different frequencies.

Think of any emotion. Each emotion will bring an opposite to the mind. Like joy and sorrow, fear and faith, anger and peace, etc. Each particle has an antiparticle.

Here’s the funny thing: some particles are their own antiparticles. It’s like when you hurt yourself. You become your own saboteur. The way you self-sabotage is by giving into passion.

For example, you know overconsumption of sugar or fat or any intoxicant or stimulant will hurt you over a long period of time and yet you indulge. Why? Who's hurting you now? You! You turn into your enemy by making choices that hurt you over the long run.

The reason is that you overcompensate for all the good work you put in. Another example could be, you were watching what you were eating for 5 days in a row. On the 6th day, you choose to celebrate by negating all the good work you put in during the week.

You work hard during the week, and on the weekend you squander your hard-earned money and maybe some more by using your credit card.

Whenever I hear people say “Be positive,” I know they are going for the positive because they feel the opposite is hurting them and want to escape the negativity in their lives. They seek the positive outside to balance the negative within.

I will say “Walk the middle path, be in balance.” There will always be positive and there will always be negative. Go for the balance.

When you live in the awareness that positivity and negativity go hand-in-hand, you will always find the balance in each interaction throughout your day. That’s the best you can do for now to experience freedom.

Balance is work. When something goes up, you bring it down. And whatever goes down, you bring it up. Like a curve, you see on a monitor in the hospital. As long as you are moving forward, even when things are going slightly up and down, you are progressing. You are alive. When nothing goes up or down, that's a flatline. That’s death. That’s freedom from this life, but I do not think we want that yet.

You want to experience freedom in this life, so accept the negative with the positive!

In conclusion, be strong, be flexible, be balanced and you are guaranteed personal freedom.

Begin your personal freedom journey with Coach KeyaWith love,

Your Coach Keya,
Urban Shaman, Alchemist


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