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Last Updated On:  June 8, 2021

What To Do After Covid Vaccine - 3 do-not-miss Yogi Ways + Cheat-sheet to Stop Any Overwhelm

By Coach Keya

What to do after covid vaccine? Are you curious? Here's a Yogi's way on how to make your day easier during and after you take the covid vaccine?

What to do after Covid Vaccine - The Yogi Way

With all the stories flying around about the vaccine, I thought it's important I share my perspective on how to help ease your experience after the vaccine. Vaccines save lives, so it's a good thing. But often good things can be painful too, and I want you to escape the pain.

What to do after covid vaccine is on many minds and here's what you can do whether you practice yoga or not. A Yoga session is a three-pronged process like most workouts. There is a warm-up and a cool-down session sandwiching the actual workout.

If you do any form of workout including walking, your body does warmup and cooldown and whatever you do to warm it up and cool it down is yoga.

As a Yoga Practitioner of fifty years and a teacher of twenty - here's what I know about what to do after covid vaccine.

Are you curious about how vaccines help the human body? Like most things on the planet, there are exceptions and exceptions are just that – exceptions – they are not the norm.

I got vaccinated and quite a few of my friends and all my family members have been vaccinated and we are all fine, before, during, and after the vaccine. The biggest reason being our belief that it was a good thing to do for our body and for those we care about.

As a human, you have a mind, a heart, and a mouth. What you think gives rise to your emotion and your emotion dictates the words you speak, the choices you make, and the actions you take.

Everything begins with a thought which is regulated by your mind. The mind of a child is innocent and pure. Whatever you saw, heard, and however, you perceived the world as a child conditioned your subconscious mind.

A mind can do two things – either remain open and continue to expand or close down and continue to shrink and eventually collapse into what is clinically termed as dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc. Memory loss, lack of focus are mind indications of a struggling mind.

What to do after covid vaccineI went for a walk and took this picture of stacked rocks made to seem effortless because someone believed in the outcome and put in the effort.
I am writing to you because I know you have an open mind. If you practice Yogasanas, and Yogasanas besides helping you flex your body also helps grow a healthy supple mind.

What to do after covid vaccine gets easier when you stay proactive and do a few things before.

A few things to do before a vaccine or any visit to a health care provider – 

    1. Know that the health care provider is here to provide care which benefits your health
    2. A vaccine is here to help you prevent the disease and boost your immune system to fight any attack from the specific virus
    3. A vaccine is not here to weaken you, control you or monitor you
    4. Instead, the vaccine is here to strengthen your immune system and free you from fear of the viral attack
    5. Eat a healthy complete meal before you go in for your vaccine. Yogurt is not a meal, a PBJ is a meal.
    6. Take the vaccine in your dominant arm – if you are right-handed take it in your right arm, if you are left-handed take it in your left arm. When you do this the vaccine spreads through your arm easily without hurting the spot where you get the vaccine. This makes you focus less on what to do after covid vaccine. Your natural tendency to move the arm throughout the day will prevent any stiffness or pain.

What to do after covid vaccine - even if you do not practice any Yoga

  1. Go for a walk
  2. Do not sleep unless it is your normal bedtime
  3. In a couple of hour intervals follow this routine - do each of them four times
    1. Shrug your shoulders – lift your shoulders as high as you can – hold – drop them. Repeat four times
    2. Do shoulder rotations with arms next to your body – clockwise four times – anti-clockwise four times
    3. Stretch your right arm out – Rotate it clockwise four times
    4. Stretch your left arm out – Rotate it clockwise four times
    5. Stretch your right arm out – Rotate it anti-clockwise four times
    6. Stretch your left arm out – Rotate it anti-clockwise four times
    7. Lift your right arm high above your body – stretch – bend your sideways to your left – breathe into the expanded space on the right side of your body – straighten your body back – slowly bring your right arm down – Repeat the same with your left arm
    8. Spread both your arms – bring them closer to your body in a circle with your right elbow over your left - wrap them around your shoulder blades and give yourself a tight squeeze – breathe - smile  - release the hug – shake the hug off – Spread your arms out again and when you bring them closer to your body in a circle allow the left elbow to slide over your right and give yourself another tight squeeze – remember to breathe and smile – release your hug
    9. Four spinal twists and we are done, my dear
      1. Sit upright
      2. Lift your body – straight and tall
      3. Turn your body to your right
      4. Twist your thoracic region to the extreme right
      5. Breathe
      6. Smile
      7. Slowly untwist your body – breathe – un-turn your body and return to the center
      8. Breathe – smile
      9. Repeat all the above steps on your left side
      10. Repeat once more on your right side and end it with the left side
    10. Follow it with a walking meditation.
    11. Imagine or Visualize; Picture or Pretend while you walk that you are growing stronger with each breath and each step – your body, heart, and mind.

Finally: A healthy mind needs a healthy body
               A healthy body deserves a healthy mind

What you feed your mind will decide how healthy your body will feel. If you want to talk to me directly please book a clarity call. You can also subscribe to my newsletter.

Until next time,

All my love,

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