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Last Updated On:  July 2, 2024

3 Steps to Reprogram Your Subconscious For Success - A guide by a Hypnotherapist #lifehacks

By Coach Keya

Ready for some lifehacks to reprogram your subconscious mind? Are you willing to begin seeing yourself as a success? Ready to claim your story and stop trying into a role dumped on you?

Simple secrets for defining success before you begin to reprogram your subconscious

Hello Friend, before I give you the steps, let’s define success for you as I see it.

The great American journalist and poet Christopher Morley said

“There’s only one success. To be able to spend your life in your own way.”

Why it's important to reprogram your subconscious?

Build a success mindset with Hypnotherapist Coach Keya

Image by Sabrina of nohopuku_photography
on Pixabay

Do you find it hard to enjoy quiet time or peace? Do you struggle with feeling content?

That’s an inner struggle, irritation.

Are you afraid to speak your truth? Share your soul? Especially with your most beloved ones? Maybe you feel a fear of judgment? or fear of abandonment!

Is that you? Do you fear being judged or being boastful by those close to you?

When you share your success with loved ones do you wonder if they think of you as a showoff or someone who likes to boast? That’s a common thing.

Do you feel others may envy you? Do you think you always have to share good news so you are considered a success? Do you feel more comfortable sharing with strangers than those close to you?

Here’s a thing to always remember. Your life when lived on your terms while surrounded by love, you are a success.

Enjoy Personal Success with Coach Keya

Image by Shingo_No from Pixabay

The greatest barometer of success is enjoying a good night’s rest each night and waking up refreshed is a success.

No matter what’s going on during the day, when your ego mind is most active, what matters most is how you sleep at night when your conscious (thinking) mind is at rest. This is when your subconscious mind rules and can be reprogrammed by you intentionally.

If you are tossing and turning at night, if you wake up in the middle of the night, if you can’t go back to sleep after you wake up, these are signs of your subconscious mind being in turmoil.

To feel like a success, you must believe it in your heart, in your core. Success isn’t financial success or material success or winning a championship.

Success is about living life on your terms.

If you are comfortable with what you have and are not longing for more, some may call you a pacifist, I will call you a success.

Simple Steps to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Learn the 3 Steps to Regrogram Your Subconscious mind for success with Coach Keya

Image by Mohamed_hassan in Pixabay

#1 Decide what you call a success. Only you know what will make you feel like a success. Have a personal definition for it. Maybe it is staying married. Perhaps it is being in a loving relationship. Perhaps it is the ability to enjoy homemade meals or grow your garden. Or, maybe it is about spending time every day in nature. Perhaps it is sharing laughter and tears with friends and family.

You decide what you want.

#2 Next decide what you will do to get what you want. If you want it and still do not have it you must do something to get it, right? If you are already enjoying it then how will you keep it going?

Make the doing part intentional. Create an affirmation and write it out every night in a long hand before bed.

#3 The last and most important step of owning your success is knowing who you will be when working on your success.

Here’s a quick way to figure it out. Whatever you are aiming someone you know already has it. When you think of that person which quality of theirs stands out most to you? Perhaps it’s their confidence, commitment, charisma, etc.

Whatever it is that sticks out for you, focus on becoming that. That should be the affirmation you write every night.

"I am charismatic." "I am committed." Or "I am in the process of becoming confident."

If you need help with this, I have a free 33-page colorful guidebook to download. download it and use the principles in it.

When you remain faithful to your practice you will easily reprogram your subconscious mind for success. You will gain a new mindset which will serve you in becoming a success and staying a success.

I wish you success my friend, and remember it isn't an ego journey. It’s a subconscious story that needs to be true only for you, m’dear.

Begin your personal freedom journey with Coach KeyaWith love,

Your Coach Keya,
Urban Shaman, Alchemist

P.S.: Want to find your calm? Book your Complimentary 30-minute Strategy Session with me. I look forward to our time together.

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Images credited to Mohamed_hassan, Image by Shingo_No, pxel_photographer (Elmer L. Geissler), and Johnhain on Pixabay

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