What others are saying:

“Since I have been working with Keya and availing of her healing and hypnosis services, it ‘s been easier to talk to people. I feel I have more energy to do the things I like to do and am more committed I feel more at peace regardless of whatever the situation may be.”
- Efrain Luevano 10/12/2012

“Coming from a place of not knowing – I allowed myself to be open to Keya. She has a wonderful way about her and she truly cares about each and everyone of her clients. I know that my life is better for knowing her. She is nothing if not real.”
Donna Grossman,
Owner/Creative Director @That Girl Knitz

“I have owned my company for 8 years. In that 8 years, the business under went many changes and financial struggles, which took its toll on my mind and spirit. When I reached a point, when I felt I had failed at business and relationships, I started working with Keya Murthy on subconscious patterns that were limited my ability to be a strong leader and expecting more from my company and myself as a leader. In a matter of 6 months, my company has doubled its profit, and the trends appear to be steady. More importantly I feel a stronger leader to my staff and more self-assured. As an added bonus I also have rekindled a long ago love affair which is now giving me more satisfaction then I could have asked for. Thank you Keya. I look forward to continuing our Journey to enlightenment, self-discovery and a happy future.

- Dr Cassandra Woods DPT, PT, CEO

“Coach Keya has the gift of enlightenment and sharing. She shares her gifts to annoint others with the vision and action plan for attainable results. Coach Keya made me lose my fear of dreaming because I left like my dreams can actually become a reality. She is a gift and I recommend everyone seek her coaching in order to help attain your goals in business, health and love.”
– Brenda Allison

“Working with Keya has brought so much more clarity and balanceinto my life. I am now able to learn to love myself more and more everyday. Her wisdom and guidance has encouraged me to become a better person everyday.”
– Melissa Gano

“I have been working with Keya, she’s wonderful. She extracts the elements of your life to give attention to, and helps in profound ways to shift those that you want to shift. It feels so natural and organic, while at the same time fundamental and groundbreaking. I do feel a shift in my thinking, and more peace in relation to issues that had been causing much stress. Highly recommend!”
-Melanie Maxfield, Independent Stylist at Stella and Dot