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Last Updated On:  December 25, 2011

The Serenity Prayer

By Coach Keya

THE SERENITY PRAYERRoots above the earth, dancing in the water, drying in the breeze

"God, grant me the
SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change
COURAGE to change the things I can and the
WISDOMto know the difference."

Serenity is not an option. We need it all the time. Without it we have nothing, with it you got everything. When you are at peace with what you have or do, you can literally create magic. Everything will flow around you. Now that I have emphasized enough on the power of serenity, let's focus on how to acquire it. It is the struggle that takes us away from serenity. There is so much we can do nothing about except accept it. Sometimes we do not understand it and yet we must accept it, for that is our only option. If your sanity is worth to you, give up the struggle and accept it, until you find the peace within you to stand up and do something about it while retaining your serenity. Understanding this brings about the wisdom to stand up for what we can change and let be what we cannot, for now.

Christmas is a great time which brings out the best in almost everyone. The means ones can't help so we must love and forgive and if we can't we must still move on and allow them to be, for you value your serenity. Many of us are out there trying to change the world, understand the world, serve the world, even fix the world. In my mind there is only thing to do, love yourself so you may love others.

Serenity is something I keep even when the thief steals my scooter, or the IRS pounds on my door, or I have to reprimand my children as part of “course correction” in their journey. As a parent I signed up to be tough on my children when they take my tenderness for granted, but always with serenity, always through love.

 New moon is a great time to set the intention for anything. Meditation returns us to serenity. Consciously breathing helps us retain our serenity. Most of us usually waste our life through our breath. Our words could make or break us. Sometimes when we have nothing to say, it is better not to say. I have always taught this to my children and I shall hammer this forever. I also believe in shock treatment. Sometimes people need to be told what they have been wanting to hear for ever. Also people must be told what will wake them out of their dreamy state. Denial can get us into this “la-la” land where we float just to avoid the pain. We could love them and choose our words with love and kindness and tell them. The shock helps people grow up so they may hear the truth and yet feel the love.

I was once told “Truth hurts. Absolute truth hurts absolutely.” Since then I toyed with this statement and the one that says “Truth sets us free.” I wondered if truth can set us free then why must it hurt. I came to only one conclusion, it is in the deliverance that everything mattered. Truth must be offered with love in your heart, compassion, kindness. When you feel love in your heart and radiate it outwards, and speak the truth it will be received. People may walk away from you, but it is only because they need to absorb the shock and it is ok. We must have the love to allow them that dignity. Since we are here to deliver truth, let's also be wise to know if the receiver is ready or not. Those who are not prepared to hear the truth they will hurt worse and it will be your responsibility for having inflicting the wound. Spare your words, save your breath. A smile is plenty.

There is a simple rule I share. T.H.I.N.K. before you speak. Whatever you wish to speak ask yourself.
Is it:

Only and only if all the five precepts are abided by then and only then speak.

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