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Last Updated On:  December 29, 2022

How to balance your feast and famine during Mercury Retrograde?

By Coach Keya

How to balance your feast and famine during Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde is a term for those who dabble with on the surface to start blaming nearly everything on this phenomenon called Mercury going retrograde.

I will not get into mercury retrograde because it has an astrological significance as it’s a perception. It’s not an astronomical phenomenon. Mercury doesn’t go backward literally in the sky, but it feels so.

Like life! There are times when you feel like everything in life is going backward. But if you look back in life when things felt the worst, actually they were the best times of your life, when you learned a lot, and got smarter, kinder, and stronger. You became more aware of yourself and your world.

I did and still do and am not expecting it to stop ever! And most of the people I met did too.

Feast or famine never goes away, how you handle these times will separate you from the crowd.

So, now that it’s mercury retrograde, I have decided to come out and start connecting with you and my future. This morning I thought of picking a topic to talk about and what jumped up “feast and famine”. As a business owner, I have been through many of those in my life.

As a mother and a citizen too, I have been through many series of these phenomena of feast and famine. But now that I am on the last leg of my journey on planet earth in this lifetime, what have I learned from my experiences of feast and famine?

The biggest lesson is it’s unavoidable. You can’t say “feast and famine” is for others or losers. Everyone goes through it, they might not make a Facebook post about it, but everyone does. No matter how stable you feel or how abundant your life is in one area, there’s always an aspect of your life where you feel the lack.

The first thing to truly get is “you are not alone”. There are many, in fact, millions going through the same or similar stuff, and just like you are fighting their battles on their own without making a public scene about it.

The next thing to know is, life happens, and you can’t stop living. The sun during your lifetime is a constant. It rises every day in the east and sets after some time in the west, even at the poles.

What you do between your waking up and going to bed hours is a choice. You might be fighting fires from your past or focused on forging new paths for your future. Most of us are. Now, the question is, are you doing it with awareness or are you doing things mechanically without much or no awareness?

Maybe that’s something you can start focusing on from today onwards. How can I be the healing agent? How can I live with more awareness? How can I help someone even when I am hurting?

I asked these questions to myself this morning and I am sharing them with you so you have something to think about yourself on this day. If you don’t like these questions ask yourself three questions of your own and journal the responses that come up for you.

And if you would like to talk to me about how I could help you with anything at all in your life something that you are struggling with visit and apply to book an hour with me.

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