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The Be Happier Podcast with Coach Keya

Published On:  December 21, 2022

#7 Why and How to Respect even when You Disagree

By Coach Keya

Wouldn’t you agree when someone respects you it feels better than anything else? If someone loves you and doesn’t respect you and someone loves you and respects you, it’s like an upgrade to premium love. When your parents or someone you consider an elder seeks your advice how does it feel? That’s respect!

The people who work for you, how often do you feel respect for them? It’s important to think about this.

Now, imagine you feel this feeling for someone else. The dynamics of your relationship change completely when there is respect. You could call it reverence, something you feel for a teacher.

Hello braveheart, hope you are having a fantastic day. So, let’s explore why respect is so important in any relationship even if you don’t agree with them, maybe on one or more topics.

Did you know that you are related to strangers who you don’t even know exist and even people who have different points of view?

Usually, people don’t like people with whom they have nothing in common or so they think. When we are looking for this commonality, we are discussing ethnicity, demographics, values, belief systems, and habits.

How often did you say “I have nothing in common with them”? And if you have looked hard and deep enough you might find quite a few things in common, things you did not think of because your emotions are running high.

Maybe you tolerate them or pretend they don’t matter because you are at such a far end of the spectrum from them.

Here’s the raw truth. If you can’t respect another person, or find anything in them that’s admirable, then that’s borderline disrespect or in other words, the hatred that you feel towards something about that person.

When such feelings lurk at the back of your mind, you have to feel those feeling first for you and then direct them to the other person or people.

When I say “I love you” the word I comes before love and the word love comes before you. I have to love myself first before I can send it your way. Similarly, with all other feelings of hatred, disrespect, and irreverence.

What you feel for another they feel for you too. All emotions are energy in motion. What you feel you experience. What you give you get.

Buddha said, “in order to earn respect you must give respect”.

Without understanding this fundamental truth, it’s hard to have love in your life. And without love, how does anyone heal, transform their life, or find happiness?

How else can you be happy without respecting everyone?

Whenever there’s disagreement, something I encounter every day, I am sure you do too, ask yourself, can I leave this situation by respecting this person? You don’t have to kiss and make up at the end of all disagreements because that is not humanly possible, but leaving the battlefield with respect for your opponent will make you feel stronger and sleep better that night.

When you can do this simple switch within you, commit to always respecting everything you come across, everyone you encounter even in passing, and every place you go to on that day, you will feel connected to all of creation.

Attitudes like discrimination, intolerance, anger, fear, and despair start reducing and getting replaced with understanding, acceptance of all even with your differences, compassion, forgiveness, healing of wounds, and self-love increase, a bit every day.

You can wake up, go about your day and return to bed knowing that you respect yourself and others respect you a bit more today than yesterday.

Now, isn’t that an awesome feeling?

That’s all for now. Until next time with all the love and light within me, I humbly bow to the love and light that’s you.

Do pick up your free gift from and I will see you again, soon. Until then, practice respecting yourself a bit more each day, through the act of respecting one new person on that day.

Love you, sending you peace, blessings, and smiles.

Bye for now!   


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