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The Be Happier Podcast with Coach Keya

Published On:  September 22, 2022

#5 - How To Heal And Help Nourish Yourself

By Coach Keya

How to nourish and heal?

As a student of the Buddha and a Buddhist practitioner in many traditions, I know people suffer. So my quest has forever been – “how do I reduce suffering in myself  and others? And “how to increase joy and happiness if myself and others?”

For today’s episode, I have put together a few points. And yes, please with me until the end for your free gifts.

I commit to mindful eating, drinking, and consuming every day and in every way. Am I always successful? No! But having a commitment as a guiding force is better than having no plans or intention of what and how to eat, drink and consume.

It’s like when you have a map and a path, you might get distracted from your path, or get curious about something along the way and take a detour, but you will never stray too far or get lost because you have a guiding map for your journey. You can always easily return to your path.

Similarly, your commitment will never let you stray too far and you will always know what, when, and how to consume because you know what’s right for you.

This is because I want to cultivate and enjoy good health – physically, emotionally, and mentally. One body, one mind, one heart, one life, why mess up?

I know unmindful consumption is the cause of suffering, so each day I work on keeping unmindfulness to its minimum.

I try to remain aware of how, when, and what I reach for. Through introspection, I realize why I am doing what I doing, even when I know it’s hurt me in the past and is redundant. I didn’t need it, but I still did it.

Once I figure it out, I dissolve my pain through self-forgiveness and self-compassion. And then I resolve my commitment to be kinder to myself and not hurt myself next time by needing to consume unhealthy food, drinks, noise, visuals, and anything else through the five senses.

I know I am a creature of habit, so most of the things I do are from habit. Each time I become aware of my habitual action, I weaken it. And if I can stop my action of reaching out for something unhealthy, I gain more power over the habit. It’s a good thing. It’s an empowering experience.

When we think of bad habits, we might think of extremes like gambling, consuming alcohol, doing drugs, pornography, mindless gaming, books, magazines, idle conversations, and gossip. True, they are all things that will hurt you, and the more you say no to them, the more yeses you get in life because you are saying yes to yourself and no to mindlessness.

When you live in the present moment, you nourish yourself, you refresh yourself, and you heal yourself. Sorrows and regrets begin dwindling and joy and contentment begin filling you up.

Besides sorrows and regrets, anxieties and fears also drag us down, and the only way out is by being true to your promises to yourself, as much as possible, each day.

Loneliness is what makes you most do what is not nice for you and eventually harmful because now you are ruled by habits that arise out of unprocessed negative emotions.

I would rather contemplate how I am part of the greater whole and how everything affects everything else. There are no lonely islands. Even if you feel you are, the streams around this lonely island that you claim to be, connect you to other islands.

The air you breathe is the air those around you breathe, so your exhalation became someone else’s inhalation and someone’s exhalation became your inhalation. When you can contemplate just this much for a minute a day, you will realize how you are part of everything that was, is, and will be.

You and me and one.

So, my dear braveheart, consume in a way that preserves peace, joy, and wellbeing in your body and consciousness, and in the greater collective body and consciousness of your biological family, your earth family, and all of creation.      

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