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Last Updated On:  November 29, 2012

Pain Peace Power Play

By Coach Keya

To enjoy the rainbow, we must enjoy the rain.” – Paolo Coelho

power peace pain play states of consciousness

After the rain

Just as there can be no smoke without fire, there cannot be a rainbow without the rain. For every freedom we experience someone pays the price. Let’s be grateful, for the heroes known and unsung. We often like to believe that our success comes to us because of our own efforts. But if we look at each of our achievements individually, we will notice that we did need the help of many to get to where we are right now. Our parents gave birth to us. They taught us to identify objects, skills to grow, values to be better human. Our teachers, neighbors, friends everyone was equally important in make us into young adults. Our failures taught us to overcome weakness. They also taught us to be wiser and walk away or grow stronger and try harder. Let’s be grateful for all the people we met and shared times with, whether it was in painful times or joyous ones.

We appreciate the spring only because it follows winter… We love autumn because it comes after summer and promises the celebration of harvest, and festivities of winter. Birds welcome dawn because there was a night for us to rest. Those who have hurt you, have made you stronger. Never allow your pain of the past to make you bitter. From this place of pain, you can wrap it up and create peace for yourself and become powerful.

Now in a few words, write down what does personal power mean to you.

Until later… love!

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