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Last Updated On:  January 4, 2015

Don’t ask for more …

By Coach Keya

Don’t ask for more …

Get your goals gracefully with Keya

Get your goals gracefully

Affirm that you have enough and you do enough.

I remember when I used to shop at membership outlets like Costco and Sam’s club. I would buy in bulk because I was told that is the way to save. One day I was at Walmart and I said ‘Hey! Diapers are cheaper here than at Sam’s Club.’ So I went to Sam’s Club to check the price if that had gone down since I was there last time and I realized that Sam’s Club was selling diapers more expensive than Walmart all along and I was also buying in bulk. That was the last day I walked in to Sam’s club.

At times I look at the ingredients of a face cream and I realize how people are being duped to pay more for something that can be put together in one’s kitchen. I see people pay for a product which proudly says Lavender and Chamomile or Honey and Cucumber. Then you look at the list of ingredients and you realize neither of the items announced on top is in the ingredient list. An ad says “I am worth it” and people rush to pay more to get less. This is marketing.

I believe charity does not come from more. It either comes from guilt of having more or it comes from those who believe they have enough, a feeling of sufficiency. So this year when you decide on what you want to do or have or experience, make sure not to add the word “more” in front of it. When you ask for strength, you will find strength within you. When you ask for more strength, you are affirming that the strength you have isn’t enough.

When you ask for more money or more love or more fun, you are affirming your lack of money, love or fun. Ask for money and mention the purpose of the money. E.g. “I want money to go on a vacation.” Or “I want money to add to my emergency fund.” Ask for love and mention the nature of love. E.g. “I want to be in a loving relationship.” Or “I want time to spend with my loved ones.”

Remember when you ask for more, you are telling your subconscious that what you have isn’t enough. This also means you are not grateful for what you have or had. There is enough for me and there is enough for you, always. Knowing that there is enough is true abundance; that is prosperity.

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