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Last Updated On:  October 28, 2019

New moon in Scorpio

By Coach Keya

Are you ready?

This says it all! A Scorpio moon is the darkest of all the new moons. The truth about life is no one has it easy. Scorpios love to hang out in the darkest realms of the Unconscious mind. The entire reality you experience is because of where you operate out of - Your unconscious mind. So go within, ask some tough questions and be ready for the hard answers that show up.

To get you started here's a few:

  1. Are you willing to confess your vulnerability?
  2. In this modern urbanized world with the western mindset, we hail self-sufficiency. Now, are you ready for human interaction come what may?
  3. Are you willing to admit that you do not have everything you need to live a wholesome life?

If not, then turn towards nature, look at the weather around you and confess how you will never be able to control it.

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