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Keya Murthy Foundation - Blessings for Better Lives - 1 life at a time

The Keya Murthy Foundation vision includes the incorporation of meditation into school curriculums until high school graduation in schools all over the world.

Vision Statement:

Keya Murthy Foundation

Meditation as part of everyday life for everyone

The ultimate aim is to have International Meditation Day sanctioned by the UN on December 21st 20XX.

Incorporate Meditation in early education and have it be part of the curriculum until high school graduation in all schools all over the world.

Shift the focus of success-mindset from:

  • health and wealth to Health and Happiness
  • peace and prosperity to Peace and Contentment
  • medication is a band-aid, mediation is still temporary relief, meditation is the ultimate medicine
  • financial freedom to emotional-personal-spiritual freedom


Astrology by Keya Murthy, A blessing

Every parent of a new born must be blessed with an astrological chart of their new born child

Make astrology a part of every childbirth process. When a child is born, the parents should be given a birth-chart with at a mini-reading by an astrologer so the parents feel equipped as to who has been born to them as their child. The reading will highlight:

  1. What to expect
  2. What to avoid
  3. How to guide their baby to bloom into it's full potential


Image from taken by Aaron Burden & Josh Rangel

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