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Why Practice Yoga? 4 Amazing Reasons You'll Love

When you practice yoga, you tap into 4 fundamental truths that will make your life so much easier and healthier. Learn more about creating a yoga practice.

Yoga simplified for skeptics

Why Practice Yoga?

Practice Yoga daily for a healthier happier you, Get started with Certified Yoga teacher, keya Murthy

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  1. Yoga doesn't take time. It gives time.
  2. Yoga keeps the mind healthy and the body youthful.
  3. Yoga isn't hard.
    Diseases are hard. e.g. diabetes, blood pressure, dementia, arthritis.
    Surgeries are worse.
  4. Yoga makes dealing with the impossible, possible.

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General guidelines for yoga for the busy urbanite

8 Steps of Yoga leading to peace

Why teach? Why Learn?

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