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Last Updated On:  December 23, 2022

How to stay true to the promise your soul made before you were conceived?

By Coach Keya

How to stay true to the promise your soul made before you were conceived?

Life is wild. Sometimes it’s the wild desert, or the wild forest, swamps, mountains, or urban dwellings, nevertheless wild.

No matter how the landscape shows up during the day, at night when you look up at the sky, it’s the same stars shining down for those looking up. It’s the stars at night, during our darkest hours, that unite us. Each star is a glowing glob of gas from trillions of miles away in space. And that’s the truth. In your pain, you are connected with the rest of the living beings who are in pain of their own underneath the same starry sky in the dark.

Take a slow long deep breath and see yourself stepping into a future of your choosing. As you exhale, picture those you need to be with walking towards you. As you sit in the place of non-attachments, see yourself attracting everyone who is meant to support you in the next phase of your life.

Or you could see yourself at the end of a rainbow connected to your new partners, friends, and collaborators at the other end of the rainbows you are sending out. The old contracts of your life are being completed, and the new ones are being written. Ask yourself, what do you want to let go of and what do you want to replace it?

Your life is your choice, choose well, choose wisely!

Ask yourself if you are still choosing from past conditioning or if are you making conscious choices for a healthier, happier, and more prosperous future.

Success is a balance between your spiritual and financial states.

Only when you feel equally successful in both aspects of your life will you feel balanced and more confident because both areas of your life balance each other. It’s like when you ride a bike with two equally inflated wheels: your journey is balanced and enjoyable.

This is the only way to live free: financially, mentally, and emotionally. Your life, your terms!

In all future contracts, whether personal or professional, you write focussed on both short-term and long-term gains. I want to assure you that you will never get more than you can handle at any time. Time and money are both feelings, and you are not bound by either.

You are always free to take a break and rewrite any contract you need to. Give yourself the gift of freedom.

You live life on your own terms, on your own, with others, at work, at home, and on the road. You love, serve, play, and rest all on your own terms. Now that’s a free life, the Buddha way!

You are no longer controlled by your karma but instead, rule it.

Because you can’t control the world or be in charge of everything in your world, you know when to hold on and when to let go in every situation, gracefully while smiling.

This is a great way to live, and in my model of the world, it is the only way to live. Your work is how you serve your fellow humans. This is more than making a living. This is living while doing what you do best.

When you learn to take breaks, both planned and unplanned, this is life mastery at its best. You model for others your expectations of yourself and those who matter to you and to anyone else who’s watching and learning from you. This is how leaders are made, not through speeches of motivation but inspiring action!

There’s time to sow, time to nurture, time to harvest, and time to rest, and you honor each of those times that is right for you.

You are not an island, as my teacher Thay says, we are always interconnected — we are inter-beings, we are inter-are.

Every inhalation of yours is someone’s exhalation, and your exhalation is someone’s inhalation. Your breath connects you to others all the time, whether awake or asleep.

When you must make a choice, make sure you are not rushing into anything. When you come from a state of urgency, desperation, or a personal agenda, you will always lose a little whether you gain anything or not.

As a human, you are addicted to your emotions. Do not let your emotions rule you and steer you into a drama scene you don’t know how to walk away from.

Everything that matters now will have a long-term effect on your life and those that matter to you. When Lincoln fought to abolish slavery, he wasn’t just doing it for the millions of slaves from his time but for all the unborn ones too.

Think about it. Everyone is affected by your choices: you touch the lives of those they touch, and this goes on for as long as humans walk on the earth.

Your only choice is to work on your soul’s purpose, which is to love, play, serve, and be at peace. What is your soul’s purpose? Why are you reading/listening to this now? What can you do or say next that will keep you on the tracks of your soul journey?

How may I help you, serve you, my dear?

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