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Is hypnosis mind control?



Does the hypnotist read into the client's thoughts when the client is under hypnosis?

Absolutely not.


Does hypnotism work?

Hypnotism is not a "ism".

It is not a way of living or belief system. It is a trance-induced state where the critical mind is bypassed to access the subconscious mind. In deep hypnosis, the conscious mind is completely blanked out. In light hypnosis, the conscious mind is completely in control and aware while the subconscious mind is accessed.

Hypnosis works as much as the hypnotist knows to work it. The client must cooperate with the therapist to make the process successful.


What is past-life regression?

Past life regression is a process taken by the client through a trance-induced state like hypnosis. The hypnotist is a mere agent. The client takes the journey on their own. The hypnotist does not share in the experience of the client.


What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

NLP is about the language of the mind. It's about how you communicate with yourself. When your internal communication has clarity, then your external reality is consciously created.

NLP is a tool to help you live your life by design, not default.



It all depends on how far you want to go in your journey. Life is a layered process.

I need you to understand one thing before I answer your question. Nothing stays the same forever. When you are not getting better, things are getting worse. When you are not making money, you are spending money. When you are not growing stronger you are growing weaker, life's like that.

Having said that let me ask you how long have you struggled in your current situation? If the answer is eleven years, then you have to work on it for at least eleven months to feel like where you were eleven years ago. You'll start seeing visible results right from your first session.



When you come with your challenges, in whichever area of your life it may be, the cause of the problem is layered deep within your subconscious. Also, it is invariably connected to more than one area of your life. Your health challenges may be because of your work, and your work challenges could be because of your home situation and so on.

As we work together, your unconscious mind will send to the surface, buried hurt, misgivings, blame, shame, fear, guilt, etc. Each needs to be processed and the energy behind each emotion needs to be neutralized, so you can live a wholesome life moving forward.

Living fragmented and hidden (unseen, unheard, and misunderstood) creates challenges in your health, relationships, finances, or career.

A hurting heart is an unforgiving heart. Working with me will help you find forgiveness, fulfillment, and freedom in all areas of your life, and that's a promise.

Working with me is more than feeling better. It is about getting better, enjoying peace and contentment. You learn to live a good life free of any addictions.


I hope to work with you and help you get what you want. You can get started now with either a 30-minute clarity call or a 120-minute special solutions session.

Until later,

Love + Peace + Blessings,

Keya Murthy, M.S.

The Hypnotherapist, Healer, Author, Coach




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