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Landing on the Lap of the Buddha

Landing on the Lap of the Buddha

Simple Steps to Stop Suffering

Landing on the Lap of the Buddha

• Would you like to stop suffering?
• How about learning to prevent the pain from returning?

Suffering is an extreme word. The gentler word is Dukkha meaning ‘lack of happiness or contentment’. Dukkha encompasses feelings of anxiety, discomfort, sorrow, dissatisfaction, stress and boredom. Dukkha shows up as aches, pains, hurt, blame, shame, guilt, anger, fear and doubts.

Dukkha happens when there is change due to: arrivals, stagnation, separation, aging, disease, decay and death.

Landing on the Lap of Buddha- Simple Steps to Stop Suffering, helps you understand how suffering starts, assures you that it does end and teaches you what to do to stop the pain.

This book is a practical guide on understanding Dukkha, how it begins, promises that it end, and gives the reader a step by step guide on how to make peace with pain, step into power and create personal poetry.

This book shares the author’s philosophy on how to find peace and keep it. As you traverse through the pages of this book, you will begin to think, act, relate to the world in a different way and find meaning in all the madness you call life.

The book is filled with inspirational quotes from legends of now and yesteryears including Jesus and other ascended masters. The book is written as a stream of consciousness and is interspersed with personal anecdotes.

It is written in a conversational style and hence feels very personal as if the author is sitting across from you and speaking to you with compassion.

It is a book that you can use to not only help yourself but use as a teaching tool to heal and guide your loved ones.

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