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Last Updated On:  March 2, 2014

What is in the Center?

By Coach Keya

 On Success 

In the Center

In the Center

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other." - Abraham Lincoln

I think I have become a pro at starting things even when I am scared.  I mean seriously not ready and yet I get into it. I always jump into the waters first and later learn to swim. Now I am flying while learning to build a plane.  In 2009, when I came crashing down for the nth time, I decided to walk a path which did not exist yet. I did not have a direction the path would take. I had one foot on the ground and the other in air. This foot in the air planted itself in some direction and I could not see where.

Nature created us humans with two feet so we move. A tree has one and so it stays stuck to the ground. Humans are meant to move because we can lift one foot and then put it down and continue. Now if we do this in one spot, then we dig either one hole or two holes which eventually merge. But if we do this in different spots, then we move. Our choice is to either move in circles or onward.

Will we always know where we are moving? Not unless we have total clarity. Movement is the nature of creation and hence to create we must move. What keeps us moving through the fog and mist; through confusion and chaos; through noise and clutter? Each of us has a personal reason. A common thread that runs through all reasons is the desire to live.

Now if we can add some clarity, we see better and can move faster. The more we move; the more clarity we gain and the faster we move. This is how momentum is generated. We are no longer a tumble weed slowing down with obstacles and being tossed around aimlessly. We become the pelican in flight that paddles on the water and flaps its wings harder and faster until it is airborne. Once in flight, it glides, the wind is its friend and the water below offers a majestic view.

So remember to move, get help if you must. A crutch is OK if that is what we need initially. Everyone needs support. Let’s not be ashamed to ask. We all need guidance. Let’s be humble enough to seek. Finally, always be grateful for the support and guidance. This is enough for most of us to continue in life. For the few who seek to excel, find a mentor friend who will hold you accountable. Without accountability, success is simply a sweet seducer.

To tame the elements is to rise above it, just like the pelican. A creature of the air, returns to water, because it is hungry. How hungry are you? What are you starving for? Let it not hold you back. Have the faith that your needs will always be met. May your wants stretch you and add to your strength. Find something bigger than you to go after and shine. At the end of the day, you know you tried and are getting better.

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