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The Be Happier Podcast with Coach Keya

Published On:  December 20, 2022

#6 How To Dig Yourself Out Of Your Karmic Entrenchment

By Coach Keya

Hello, my dear braveheart. If you have worked with me, seen or heard me in the past, you know I keep things raw and real. I am a straight shooter and speak the truth as I see them.

Now here’s the truth about me. I know I have fewer years to live than I have already lived so far. So without cutting corners and trying to be a pleaser, I will try to make you aware of things as I am growing aware of them.

Karmic entrenchment is a real thing. You are continuously working through your karma as you keep creating new ones with each thought, emotion, feeling, word and action.

Since you are reading/hearing this, let me guess, there is a difficult pattern in your life right now. You might have self-defeating feelings, and thoughts. So you speak self-defeating words and take self-defeating actions. In plain words, you are sabotaging yourself and you don’t even know how.

You think you are trying to change and you do not feel supported. You feel like you just can’t win.

Aha! But let me tell you, you can and you will when you own your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. You have to own yourself before you try changing things.

As a human, we all are addicted to our emotions. You feel angry and then you get angry because you are feeling angry. Same with sadness. You feel sad and now you feel bad because you are feeling sad. 

It’s the same with other negative emotions like fear, guilt, hurt, pain, blame, shame, and doubts. Name it!

Heck, you are addicted to your positive emotions too. When you feel good, you feel good that you are feeling good.

We humans just want to feel good all the time, and never feel bad. This is what makes us either run away from stuff or towards things all the time while  working past karma and creating new ones. 

Your karma keeps you stuck in old thoughts, behaviors, attachments and expectations. Through repetitive thoughts and actions you dig deeper into your karmic trench. 

The Buddha called it the pendulum that swings between aversion and clinginess. Either you feel aversion to things or you cling to them.

Learn to recognize how your patterns play out in your relationships, work, and certainly in your beliefs, behaviors, and responses.

The only way to change is to take responsibility for your past without any blame, shame, or guilt towards anyone including yourself. 

Trust me, it sounds easier said than done, but you can do it when you are working with someone, like a trusted guide. Yes, that’s my forte’. I help my clients work out past karma and create new ones that are more beneficial to them and their loved ones.

This allows you to take charge of your current situation and therefore create a desired future.

This is the first step in shifting your ideas, feelings, and past programming that make you hurt yourself. You might go for short term gains which hurt you in the long run.

You will learn to slow down and take notice of your thoughts, and the way you feel and respond to what’s going on, around you and within you. This requires conscious effort every step of the way.

And no, you cannot do it alone. No one can. You are not an island. You need a support system that is objective, tender, loving, and caring. 

Without working on your karma, you can continue through lifetimes thinking, feeling, speaking, and acting the same way and it will just be another life that came, lived, and left.

But when you commit to working on your stuff, you not only dig yourself out of the hole you are in right now, but also the world gets to show up as a better place, one day at a time.

You get to choose to stay in the same-old-same-old or step away and create new programming in which your past is a pleasant memory of experiences and lessons and the future is the desired one you get to create with healing, learning and effortless evolution.

Find someone who will support you, guide you and hold you accountable. And if you can’t, then I am always here, yours truly!

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