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The Be Happier Podcast with Coach Keya

Published On:  September 22, 2022

#4 - The Simple Self-Care And Self-Healing Ritual

By Coach Keya

What Is The Single Most Effective Self-Care Or Healing Ritual That Anyone Can Try?

As an introvert, this is important for me, and for as old as I am (which is fifty-six years) and as long as I have been in the personal growth industry (twenty-two years), I know this to be true for extroverts as well.

“Lone time is the best time.” More than anything I crave space. No company is better than any negative company to me. People I live with, I love and no one is negative, yet at times I feel their presence as an intrusion.

So, my dear, I schedule thirty minutes of daily downtime in nature. Now if this is not possible for you right now, try taking ninety-minute me-time four days a week.

It’s not a luxury, it’s a must-have for optimal mental, emotional and physical wellness, in my model of the world.

If being without headsets, a book, or a journal for thirty minutes a day, sounds scary, try it for ten minutes and then increase it by one minute a day until you get to the thirty-minute. Use the timer on your phone to let you know when this time of being with yourself in nature or a neighborhood park with no one and nothing around you to take you away from your mental silence is up.

Even as an introvert, I had to learn to cancel mental and emotional noise and need for distractions and get comfortable being with myself. Today, I do not feel lonely in my solitude. And, this is how I learned to create space for myself, for self-care and self-healing.

I learned that if I want to be comfortable with others around me and have others be comfortable with having me around I need to be comfortable with myself alone.

Mastery of this ritual takes time and I am still a work in progress, yet this is the only way that’s most effective for me to stay happy, healthy, peaceful, purposeful, and feel abundant and prosperous.

My soul craves it and my heart and mind need it for keeping my hormones, organs, bones, and joints healthy, strong, and youthful.

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