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The Be Happier Podcast with Coach Keya

Published On:  March 9, 2024

#18 - Puppeteer, FBI Litigator, Hollywood Producer: Yvonne Chotzen in a Crossroad Conversation with Coach Key

By Coach Keya

Yvonne Chotzen is a story catalyst and public speaking coach, and an award-winning Television Movie Producer (The Rosa Parks Story starring Angela Bassett and Cicely Tyson.) Yvonne went overnight from litigator to Hollywood Producer when one of her cases – a murder with a child kidnapping and a triangle love affair – became a Hollywood hit Miniseries. Now Producing her 14th Television Movie, Yvonne has packaged the simple steps to make your story stop the show! with her program, "How to Turn Your Story Into a Hollywood Movie."  Yvonne's shy first client went from fear of a brown bag lunch presentation to today signing her own television contract. Your life stories hold the keys to your business's magnificence. Here is her three-step simple story strategy – Discover, Develop, Deliver – easy to make your own.  #. #. #

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