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Last Updated On:  February 14, 2018


By Coach Keya

What is special about today?

Feb 14th, 2018 is smack-dab in the middle of the only month with exactly 4 weeks – 28 days. On this day almost everyone in the urban world is celebrating something or the other.
– St Valentine’s day – a hallmark festival,
- Ash Wednesday – a Catholic festival,
- New moon (snuggling on a dark night),
- Solar Eclipse (awesome for sky-gazers and meditators),
- last day of Chinese Year of the Rooster,
- Maha-Shiva-Ratri a great night for the Sanatan dharmis and Yogis.
To make more sense of it for me, I did what I do usually. I came up with a bunch of questions and write out answers until they make sense to me, so here goes…

What is love and How to Live with Love?


1. How can I be more kind to me?

I am the only one I have. I have to be my best version possible - perfect with all my imperfections. I am the only one even the universe has, because everyone else is taken.

  • I have to learn to say NO to what takes me away from my aim.
  • Each time I make a choice, I have to ask myself, is it going to help me or hurt me in the long run. I cannot live a short vision. I cannot focus on one tree and forget the forest. The universe in infinite and I am eternal. So my goal must not be bound by time and space. As a spiritual person, I know that as long as I stay calm and focused what feels bitter now gets better sooner or later.
  • I feed only what feeds me.
  • When people say they love me or don't love me, they like me or don't like me, it has nothing to do with me. It is their internal conversation and I happen to show up in their periphery. Those who love me never need say it, I always feel it even in their silence from a distance.
  • All I need is to be nice to me, kind to me, make an effort where it matters and the effort turns effortless.

2. What do I love about my life?

 To feel blessed by:
    • my gifts,
    • my past,
    • my blessings,
    • my tears,
    • my smiles,
    • my teachers,
    • my lessons,
    • my friends,
    • my enemies(those who set out to harm me),
    • my accidents(those having a crazy day crossing my path),
    • my children and
    • my students whether they show up for one on one or in my classes.
  • To remember that each day is unique in its own unique way. I am presented with possibilities to iron out the creases of life. I could also leap into life with faith knowing that either I will find something solid to step on or learn how to fly.

 3. What do I love about what I have?

I love that I have:

  • Yoga - my personal practice and the students I share the wisdom with,
  • my meditation practice,
  • my growing knowledge of
    • Ayurveda,
    • Astrology,
  • the ability to hear others with my heart and heal with my touch.

3. What do I love about what I do?

I am able to stay in service to those who are ready to step into their own light.

NOW: I would love to read your responses to these questions too.
Until then, be well,

Om, Peace, Amen, Aloha, Namaste!


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