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Last Updated On:  November 14, 2013

Aloha - It is more than a greeting

By Coach Keya

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More often than not when I ask someone “Have you heard of Hawaii?” and everyone says “Yes.” I say “You know it is not just a place in the ocean.” This is when people begin to wonder what is this Indian woman talking about. Then I ask “How many of you have heard the word ‘Aloha’?” By now people are wondering “What’s up with all this questioning?” A few now either raise their hands or blurt our “Hello” and some say “Hi and Bye”.

To me personally, Aloha is how we define our spirit. When I greet someone with ‘Aloha’ I mean “With the love and light within me I humbly bow to the love and light within you”. When I bid farewell to someone with an ‘Aloha’ I sincerely mean that ‘the love and light within me that merged with you now partly leaves with you and the rest stays with me, until we meet again.”

David “Daddy” Bray (1889 – 1968) defined Aloha as a coming together of five essential components of life.

A – Ala, A‘o : watchful alertness, light, to look, to face the light
L - Lokahi : coming together, to be connected, oneness, to be one
O – O’ia ‘io : truthful honesty, the truth
H – Ha’a ha’a – humility, humbleness
A – Aho nui – patient perseverance

When we put it all together Aloha truly means Absolute Pure Love. To me personally I go beyond Absolute and Pure when I define Love. To me love must be unconditional, eternal and infinite while being absolute and pure. Each word has its own energy. This vibration behind each of these words unconditional, eternal, infinite, absolute and pure has different connotations for different people. It all depends on where we are in our life, right here and now.

When love is not unconditional, it means it is conditional. Would you be OK with conditional love? If love isn’t eternal then it means it will end sometime, it is not forever. Can you ever love someone for only a while and then not love afterwards? If so, was it really love when you thought it was? Think about it.

We have all lost someone we loved during our lifetime. Did your feeling for that person or pet diminish after their passing? No it cannot. When people come to me and say I need to work on my relationship, my first response is “Go get a pet, a dog. It will love you forever, even when you kick it aside or yell at it.” A relationship is a work in progress. Love can only be eternal and infinite.

When it comes to the word Absolute, I know that only love is absolute, nothing else is. For love creates and fear destroys. Before creation there must be dis-creation. It is called recycling.
When you want to be the master of anything, you must first prepare to be its servant. Daddy Bray said “In order to be a Kahuna one must know the secret teaching of Aloha.”

Love is patient and love perseveres. Love makes us unstoppable. Love cannot come from ego. It must be humble. Love can never be a lie, Love is the only truth. When the British ruled India, their motto was “Divide and Rule”. How long could they continue with a motto like that? Once they lost India, they pretty much lost control over their empire and had to retreat from all over the world. When there is love, there in unity. Love unites.

When we come from a place of humility and oneness, every truth sounds sweet. The awakened one or the awakening one must be watchful and alert. We must be conscious of every breath, every moment. This is how we rise in consciousness. Everything we own now may be lost tomorrow. But what we acquire in consciousness which is literally applied knowledge, can never be lost. It only grows stronger with time.

Would you agree what goes around, comes around. Stand on the shore of an ocean and try tossing anything into the water, the next wave will carry it back to you. So when you are sending out anything but Aloha into the world, directed at any person, place, business etc., what do you think is being send back at you?

So be happy, be healthy, live Aloha and enjoy STRESS FREE SUCCESS, now and forever.

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