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Last Updated On:  July 23, 2019

Why meditate?

By Coach Keya

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Bad things happen to everyone like good things happen to each of us. Often we focus on the bad that’s happening and ignore all the good. Bad things have a strong pull in our psyche. They are three times stronger and heavier than good things. When you feel cheated or lied too, you find yourself ignoring all the good around you. Your mind will keep pulling to that instant when someone lied to you or stole you. Negative emotions can overwhelm you and take over your life. Hence negativity becomes your life.

What masters say

write to to begin your meditation practice

Stay grounded

My teacher Paramahamsa Yogananda had something interesting to say. During dark moments turn inward and pray to God in the form of Divine Mother. Ask her to remove the dark feeling that is overpowering and replace it with light into your life.

Try it, trust me, it works! If you feel there is some other way of letting go of negativity in your life, let me know. I stay connected to the divine feminine energy every day all the time and that is how I flow. Do I have bad things happen to me? YES! Every day! My clients come to me with extreme heavy stuff. People are going through pain every day.

When things get shaky

Marriage, money, health, work, finances! Everyone has to endure struggles in any or all these areas of their life almost every day. No one lives a perfect life. Most people look at alcohol, smoke, pills or some other addictions or entertainment for relief. I go to the divine mother and ask her to help those who come to me. Asking divine mother to guide me and help me remain functional makes it easier. With utmost humility I ask her to help me stay in service.

When bad things happen to you, it is not because you are a bad person or you are a good person. Good and bad are perceptions due to societal conditionings. When things happen to you, it is like a mile marker on a highway. It is telling you which direction to go next. It also measures how far you have come. Most than anything you have to forgive yourself for being a human. You must forgive your past. You must take care of yourself. Rest and fluids are the best forms of self-care. Nature makes everything better.


The conversation you have indoors when held outdoors feels different. It feels better. So try to connect with nature as much as you can, each day. You must meditate, there is no better to recharge yourself with positive energy.

Remember, you are amazing and when you choose, your life is awesome.

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