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Last Updated On:  October 21, 2019

Just Imagine

By Coach Keya

When your head gets in your way

When your head gets in your way write to

When your head gets in your way

There comes a time when you don't want to do anything. Everything feels "meh!". I loved this word since when I heard my middle schooler use it years ago.

When you are feeling "meh" this is when imagination comes to the rescue. Pretend today is the day when you could do anything, have anything or be anyone. To be on the cautionary side exaggerated imagination can be an illusion. It's ok to visit this land of imagination as long as you know your way out of it.

So, for now, imagine all that you want. For awhile live in this land of pure imagination. Here anything is possible and everything is perfect.

If I can be of any service to you or someone you love, let me know by writing to me directly at [email protected].

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