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Last Updated On:  February 5, 2012

De-hypnotizing the Self - Part 1

By Coach Keya

De-hypnotizing the Self

De-hypnotizing the Self

De-hypnotizing the Self

“OMG! ( a technical term ) now I am really afraid to be near you” that was the common statement I heard when people knew I was studying to be a Clinical Hypnotherapist. I used to wonder I already know everything you think. That is intuition, not hypnosis.

Most people have a belief system which came about because a thought triggerred an emotion and then was followed by a tactile movement. Repetition of this for 21 times created a habit, a belief system, our likes, dislikes, all our memories, behavior: they all begin with a thought.

As humans we are creatures of habit. Our habits begin because of repition of a behavior. This behavior either in the form of an emotion or action is trigged either through pain or pleasure. Humans love the state of homeostasis. We love our homestasis until what we get from it begins to hurt us. Our habits that effect our health, finances, emotions as long as we can handle them keep us in our comfort zone.

One day we realize that something needs to change. Either it is because of a glimpse at a bank statement or financial portfolio, or the result of a routine health checkup or something our partner says or does or the new guy/gal we see somewhere.

So now how do we dehypnotize ourselves from the state of homeostasis we already are in? If you are excited about what you have, what you do and who you are then this is not for you. But if you would love some change then let's continue...

First take a stalk of where you are in your life? What is it that you are not happy about? Is it health, relationships, work, or simply your life? May be you have enough money, a steady career that provides for your loved ones and you well. Your last check up at the doctor is OK according to your age group and gender. Even your finances are fine and you are on a growth pattern that you are comfortable with. But you sometimes feel bored. The wine and the friends are the same old same old. The commute is monotonous, the boss is OK and now you want more.

This is where we begin. Something triggerred you, you glimpsed a possibility of change. A spark within you is ignited and you want to know more. Usually sparks die just as soon as they are ignited. To keep a fire roaring and spread light and generate warmth takes time, effort, takes faith, tenacity. It is almost an obsession. To keep the spark going, we need something more than a trigger.

If your plan is working then we do not need this. We need to take the thought that change is possible and an emotion was ignited. Any thought that does not attach itself to an existing emotion, fades away almost instantaneously. Now that there is an emotion triggerred, we must follow it up with something tacticle, an action. Maybe it is going for a walk, writing a journal, making a smoothie. There has to be an action. Once we get into an action and it must be something small, so small that our mind does not recognise the shift that is happenning. Once we shock ourselves into something we will shock ourself out of it as well, as fast.

…. to be continued. Leave a comment so you are notified when the next article is released.

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