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Compassion in Action

Compassion in Action 1It is easy to claim to be a compassionate person. It requires for than words to carry compassion into action.

I work with those who are terminally ill at no cost. I will come to your space to spend time with your loved one, hold their hand, caress their hair and let them know "it's ok". I seek to bring comfort. I help people cross over.

Compassion in Action 2 Part of my work is being compassionate to the dying, being a death doula. The doula provides emotional, spiritual comfort and logistical assistance. Just like when a child is born, you needed a midwife, a birthing doula, so when we die, a death doula works to bring comfort and solace to the dying and their loved ones. The essence of my work is to support your loved one in the transition from this life as well.

The Bhagavad Geeta says, no one ever dies. Just like discarded old worn out clothes, the soul also discards a word out body. The tree is being reborn. My work is more spiritual in nature. The one who is consciously seeking I do work with their mind using guided imagery to release their emotional baggage so they may cross over with peace and in joy. I bring over my unique way of being with your family and my own specialization. You will know it when you find me with you at this vulnerable time. I sit with you and your family, because I care.

Please do not copy this image. Thank you!

Please do not copy this image and use it in any form anywhere. Monty's daughter wishes to honor her father's memory and keep it sacred.

This was from when my father in law passed away. I was standing, meditating across from him with my eyes slightly open, and this is as close as I can come to what I saw. I felt such a presence, so overwhelming that I had to leave the room. As I walked it felt on my skin as though I was walking through cotton. Note the 3 taller figures in the forefront...I later heard of other peoples accounts of these three figures commonly called "Guardians"”-Rob Wilhite, The Artist

"Rob, when I was holding my mom's hand and head as she was crossing over. It is a gradual process. Nothing happens in a blink. They drift back and forth until they finally leave. I was there and so were so many, including all those I had helped until then cross over over the past 3 years and then there were these three guardians. Thanks again for the validation my friend. Blessings be! “ Keya
“ Keya, I too have been present for a number of crossings, I was there with my mom also, in and out, almost as if getting used to the idea of leaving this world, then finally a is an honor to be here for that. “ -Rob

Please do not copy this image and use it in any form anywhere. Monty's daughter would love to honor her father and keeping his memory sacred.

The reason I have added our conversation is for you to get a first person impression of what transpires when the soul transcends the body. Tough my work is mainly spiritual in nature, using Therapeutic Imagery and Guided Journeys I bring comfort to the family. Understanding, acceptance, experiencing forgiveness and eternal love with an able doula is what brings meaning and release.

Write to me at [email protected] or Call me at 805-275-2289 to schedule a time to share your concerns and let me know when and how I may serve your loved one and you. Blessings!

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