What is your number?

Where do we go from here?

Where do we go from here?

I write to you today, because I have arrived at a cross road. Since 2009 much has shifted in my consciousness, in the world’s consciousness. We know that change is the only constant in life. We also agree there are no accidents or absolutes. At a cosmic and global level we have noticed much change. Many legends have crossed over. People in the music world, celebrities, dear ones of many of my friends and colleagues are leaving their earthly abode and returning to wherever it is more fun for them. Great masters like Sri Sai Baba from India too left his human form.

We can all speculate and geustimate (guess + estimate) and here is what is coming up for me. I also want to know what comes up for you. Everyday we make a priority list. In fact if you have not done one today, just close your eyes and make a mental list of 6 things. You can have people, places and events in this list. Go ahead and do it…… do not read any more without making this  list…. now that you have this list, do you find yourself on this list. If you do, then what is your number? Are you number 1, 2,3, 4,5,or 6. If you are somewhere on your own list then congratulations. You are doing well in life. If you are no where then you need to begin.

My friend Teri McDuffie of Santa Barbara Women’s Self-defense once said “take care of yourself so you can be there for those you love”. It is true, as women, as parents we often neglect our personal (emotional and physical) needs to provide for others.

So whatever it is you do for time management, whenever you make your list, at least invest 20mins everyday for you. Maybe you take a walk by yourself, a bath, meditate, a conversation with a loved one and no agenda, dance by yourself, read a book, sip tea and watch the sunrise, go to a park and watch children play, walk by a school during a break and watch the children run about. Whatever it is that brings you joy or better yet brought you joy as a 7 yr old, go do that for at least 20 mins. every day. Watch your life shift in a week. Watch your relations, health and career change over a month. I promise you it will. Come back and share with us your commitment to yourself and your progress even your results in a month.

Until we meet, Aloha!

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2 comments on “What is your number?
  1. Ann McKillican says:

    Hi Keya
    i love this! i did make my list this morning and i was on it. The thing i did for myself was to start the day with a walk to the park. it was lovely and i said hello to everyone on my path. likening that to life….if we can silently wish the best for everyone, we have done our part to improve the world. love you!

    • Coach Keya says:

      Thank you Ann, yes it is indeed very simple. Because of its simplicity we take it for granted and do not invest it. When we are not good to ourselves, we can never be nice to others. Love you as well my friend.